Fall Through A Trap Door Already

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I get it: Disqualified spelling bee contestant or not, Tyrese means well. Couple that with his celebrity and it’s clear why people clamor to him and his newfound career as an irregular version of a life coach. Personally, I’d rather buy a chastity belt from Karrine Steffans or take grammar lessons from Evelyn Lozada before accepting any sort of guidance from Tyrese Gibson. Yes, I’m aware that puts me in the minority. Such a reality is the reason why I’m forever grateful for ibuprofen.

What will always trip me out most his success, though, is the idea that women are the ones actually fueling the ego of this sexist man. I’m pretty sure Tyrese doesn’t think he’s a sexist, but that’s a pretty common theme among many people harboring select prejudices. Like when he sat on Wendy Williams’ couch and perpetuated that silly double standard about cheating between men and women. Still, so many women repeat his stale lines that in my opinion sounded much better when read after consuming an order of sesame chicken. Again, I’m aware that I’m in the minority but dammit, y’all have emboldened him to say even stupider shit.

This time it’s all about the big, bad independent woman. Despite the term being a part of pop culture for a little more than a decade Tyrese feels compelled to explain the term to the gender that coined it. And surprise, surprise his definition seems to vilify women who dare boast of being self-sufficient and finding fulfillment on their own terms.

Try not to let Tyrese’s usage of the ‘Pop-Pop’ voice fool you: He said a whole bunch of nothing. Jesus could’ve had his hand over my eyes and I don’t doubt for a millisecond that I would manage to see through Tyrese’s bullshit all the same. In fact, I’ve belched better sentiments. While it’s cute to make little quips about women buying their little poodles to curtail their assumed loneliness, one quickly recalls that he’s a divorcee who almost a year ago was live-tweeting himself being holed up in his car outside of his ex-wife’s house hoping the po-po didn’t hull his ass to the jailhouse, or worse, shoot his ass. But you know, ladies, you’re the problem.

Oh yes, so am I.

“I know it’s a lot of men out here that are playing on both sides of the fence, it’s confusing, and it’s a lot of homosexuality going on out here. I get it, it’s a lot of frustration that women have. [But] there’s a lot of man’s man still left; We’re out here, we’re waiting, we’re wanting, we desire you just like you desire us. Just don’t give up on us…’Stay.’ That’s my ‘Open Invitation’. Give [us] a shot at your heart.”

Kudos to you, Black Ty, on you tying your pseudo motivational speaker bit with the job you’re actually skilled in (to other people anyway), but motherfuck you all the same. For pulling the angry black woman bit and for further perpetuating both the down low myth and the effeminate gay male stereotype. Guys like Tyrese always trip me out when they go there given the fact that you can always manage to connect that stereotype to the accuser’s own behavior. Say, Tyrese’s knack for constantly whining on Twitter as if he’s still bedwetting age.

On this clip, one commenter on YouTube wrote, “Empty barrels make the most noise.” If that isn’t the best sentiment about all of these celebrities jocking Oprah, Dr. Phil, Dr. Oz, your grandma with the good wig I don’t know what is. May they all fall into a trap door — starting with this sexist and homophobic sum’bitch.

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