Rappers and Rioting

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Far be it from me to question the wisdom of political scientist and former pharmaceutical entrepreneur, Young Jeezy, but for those of you currently occupying areas of your local city in response to the gross and growing economic inequality I have a bit of advice: Don’t listen to this dude, you will get your ass killed.

To be fair to Jeezy, I’ve heard far more dangerous political opinions than his. I imagine anyone that has seen any of the zillion Republican presidential debates that have taken thus far shares a similar sentiment. Be that as it may, if college students are being pepper sprayed while using non-violent forms of protest, what do you think the military-like police officers of the nation will do to them if they decide to get buck? I mean, go ‘head and try to shut the city down if you want to. I did read one comment on 2 Dope Boyz that was somewhat true: “Actually, that would probably get the 1%’s attention. Extremism. Because now, they really don’t care about some people stopping MTA … as if they ride MTA.”

Middle classers gone wild surely would get a lot of attention, but it would also result in Phaedra Parks having a booming start to her soon to be launched funeral parlor. Moreover, while one could make a case for how selling drugs and stealing is somewhat of a display of political defiance in response to inequality, let’s not get carried away and equate tree smoking and selling with tree hugging, okay? There’s Jeezy the Snowman and Barack Obama the community organizer from 20 years ago. I’m pretty sure the only thing the two had in common was a shared interest in MC Hammer.

The rest of what Jeezy said wasn’t so bad and if I had to choose between voting for him and the court jesters from the party of Dumbo, I’d roll to the voting booth (okay, mailing in absentee ballot) blasting “Bang.” I think that pretty much confirms my political persuasion. Speaking of voting, vote in mid term elections and let’s get rid of all couple hundred politicians kissing Grover Norquist’s feet. Now if that doesn’t work, permission to revisit the clip is granted.

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