I Love You, Omar Lopez

Say hello to my first quasi-celebrity crush. Actually, that’s probably Will Smith, but Omar is the first person I saw on TV that I recall really doing his part to lend credence to the theory that girls are icky. That makes it more special, right? Why yes, yes it does.

Some of you might remember this image still from his appearance in TLC’s “Creep” video. Others might recognize him as one of Janet Jackson’s dancers. The one Damita Jo was fortunate enough to crotch grab in the “If” video, to be exact. If none of this rings a bell to you, that means you were born in the 1990s and are trying to make me feel like an old man versus the young-ish one that I am. Gon’ somewhere . Ye ain’t ’bout to make me feel bad, pimpin’.

Anyway, during that time both my sister and I had a crush on Omar. I’m pretty sure she didn’t know I was coveting him more than she was, but oh well.  This would be the perfect time to throw out the lyric “I may be young, but I’m ready,” but unfortunately since I was barely alive at the time of my first Omar sighting it would be inappropriate to do so. I guess. Shucks. I’m free to talk about it now, though.

Look at him. Meet my prototype. Is he not the perfect introduction to sin?

Mark my words: One day when I’m a regular on TV and promoting my projects I’m gonna show up in a t-shirt with an image of Omar Lopez from the janet. tour book on it. Don’t tell my mama that. I left that tour book back home and she’d probably drown it in holy water or old bacon grease to spite me. I’m kidding! Maybe. No matter because I’ll also pay tribute to him in the acknowledgements of my very first book: “I love you, Omar Lopez! Thank you  for sending me on my first mental field trip to gayland.” Or something to that effect.

Apparently, these days Omar is a yoga instructor in West Hollywood. Yes, I have thought about grabbing a yoga mat and stretching for serenity in his presence. Sadly, I have yet to go through with it due to fears that such a move would have me teetering on Courtney Love levels of crazy.

That’s too bad as I’ve seen recent pictures of him and he’s still fine. Damn fine, to be specific. Is there no one in this city that can’t push me directly in front of him? Heaven, I need a hug.

Oh well. I suppose I’ll always have “Throb.” And the “Creep” video (although it’s a shame T-Boz is standing in his light so much).

Now do not leave me hanging, readers. Instead of trying to email this post to the police, share some of your childhood crushes with me. Or, turn that video on, bow in the presence of greatness, and proceed to get your ass up and butterflying. For love.


  1. StaceyMarie says:

    MJ was probably my first celeb crush. Savion Glover was my first “before they were stars” crush. Between him and Elmo, I learned how to read by age 3 and @ college level by age 9. I also tried tap dancing. Saw him perform a few years ago and I’ve never wanted to be a dress shirt so badly. He was cute when he was 12 and I was 5, but now that I know what stamina is…mmmph. He went through shirts in every color, but he wasn’t even tired. Happy Feet, indeed.

  2. Makhai says:

    First celebrity crushes – this is fun!

    My very first mainstream crush was JTT! Jonathan Taylor Thomas was the dreamiest white boy when I saw him in Man of the House. I think this started my bad boy fetish..at 7yrs old.

    Then there was Brandon Quintin Adams. He was such a known unknown to me in my pre-teen years. I remember him making me all dreamy eyed when he was Ashley’s V day date on The Fresh Prince & as Moesha’s potential “first time” back in 98.. the angry cutie from the Mighty Ducks…yeah he was all over the place but I never knew his name until right now!

    *Honorable Mentions* – Romeo from Steve Harvey & Q from Moesha (my rough necks!)

    Now can I get into the girls that I wanted to be just like…

    There was Reagan Gomez Preston, Zaria from the Parent Hood….Marla Sokoloff – I loved her attitude….and Maia Campbell from In The House – (Bless her recovering soul <3

    Life was the bomb back then..they don't make em like those anymore

  3. atelierboz says:

    My first celeb crush had to be Britney spears

  4. diamonddujour says:

    Oooh my first crushes were devonte swing from jodeci, romeo from immature and taryn turner aka kane from menace to society. damaged goods…i know…i know

  5. Keith says:

    Omar was not my first celebrity crush (I think that was OJ Simpson – oops, telling MY age) but I was in love with him during his time as “one of the kids” and actually met him as one of Toni Braxton’s dancers. He was a nice guy, small in stature and as pretty/buff as the video images….I wondered what happened to him and why he has never resurfaced as a dancer/choreographer.

  6. Shani says:

    My first crush(es) were Heavy D (I’m a born chubby chaser) and Brandon Adams,the black kid on tv in the 90s, ( eventually met him, dated him, should’ve left him a childhood crush. womp)

  7. Shereen says:

    BRYCE WILSON!!! He was featured in Toni Braxton’s I get so high video…that was my boo back in the day! : ) Even wanted to name my first son after him…lol But I lost interest after seeing him in Beauty Shop…he looked too scrawny and those braids do not work with that handsome face…smh

  8. Monique says:

    I’d be mad if you were my son too. You’re sick. I hope you repent before it’s too late

  9. Monique says:

    At least you admitted it’s sin though.

  10. Michael says:

    And I hope you tumble hard enough to tongue kiss a sidewalk by Thursday. Maybe then the sarcasm will be smacked into you. God Bless.