So I Love “Stupid Hoe”

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Much like everything else that involves her, there’s a stark contrast in the responses to Nicki Minaj’s latest visual for the (buzz) single, “Stupid Hoe?” I’ve seen it panned as stupid, an insult to hip-hop and brain cells overall. Some have asked that we think of the children while others declare their desires to never think about the clip ever again. Then you have people aged 16-24, the people who keep Nicki’s Crayola box of wigs full, who majorly seem to adore it.

Based on the requests I’ve seen for me to cover this video, I believe some of you are under the unfortunate impression that I would share the grown folks’ disdain for the video. Uh, you all have read this site before, right? I mean, you may not follow me on the Twitter but if you’ve read The Cynical Ones then you know that I love me some Nicki Minaj. Yes, I’ll be fair in my criticism of her from time to time, but more times than not I’m for Young Nick. I think a better question is have most of you heard of Nicki Minaj before this video?

The song is “Itty Bitty Piggy’s” second cousin, once removed. It’s the kind of obnoxious, hyperactive song I enjoy when on a caffeine high. Nicki Minaj and all that she does is an acquired taste. If you didn’t like her before Pink Friday there’s no reason to feign shock about what she’s doing now.

To that end, I adore the visual for “Stupid Hoe.” If this is any indication of where she plans to go with her sophomore album, Nicki just may be ready become the kind of visual artist I anticipated her to be. It’s everything that Nicki has done in the last few years with her image on a grander scale. Perhaps some parts of the video are nothing more than a rehash of themes its director, Hype Williams, has already beaten to death in works from a decade or so ago, but it’s still a step up from past videos we’ve seen from Nicki.

First, she looks absolutely gorgeous. Blessings to her makeup team. They have her looking immaculate. The video itself is a sight to see — bright, colorful, and engaging. It’s exactly what “Massive Attack” failed to be. And based on the little bit she gave us, I see that Nicki has been studying her Twerk Team tutorial videos. One must remember rhythm is a privilege, not a right for the less fortunate souls trying to bust it open on beat. If I were near Nicki right now, I would do a Twerk Team kick in salute.

I’m sure it would help make up for the bird a lot of folks are flipping in her direction.

The word “clown” has been thrown around a lot to describe this video. Hello, Captain Obvious. I’m glad you arrived to your destination safely. I read someone say on Twitter that “Nicki is a clown in on the joke.” This is your life, Nicki Minaj, and that is exactly why I enjoy it so much.

One of my immediate thoughts while watching “Stupid Hoe” was that Nicki would make a great comedic actress. She doesn’t take herself too seriously so I wonder why everyone else tries to? This track and its accompanying video are nothing more than a big budget diss track. A colorful fuck you to Lil’ Kim, if you will. Complaining about a song called “Stupid Hoe” being simplistic is like expecting to get full off an empty plate.  Same goes for the lamenting the end of hip-hop.

And if you want to pretend that a goofy rapper who meshes her theater background from a performing arts school with what she learned about dissociative identity disorder by watching The United States of Tara is soiling the minds of children across America, you’re within your rights to have half-ass hobbies. Personally, I don’t think we give kids enough credit. I happen to think most of Nicki’s fan base gets what she’s selling: fantasy. A goofy, occasionally bratty and arguably immature fantasy, sure, but a fantasy all the same.  I certainly understand why some may hate it, but the babies will live and so will anyone who thinks otherwise.

The only criticism of the video I side with is Nicki pushing this “I am the female Weezy” shtick. Clearly her boss has had an influence on her, though she shouldn’t strive so hard to sell herself as the female counterpart of any man. You are your own person and you don’t need to be linked to a male peer to flourish. Isn’t that exactly why the person Nicki’s attacking has become such a target now? Never mind: I’ve already given enough thought to a song called “Stupid Hoe.”

Back to signing this song and making ridiculous noises and faces I go. Sing along. Or you know, don’t.

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