I Need Answers

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1. Did anyone from The Donda Project ever respond to your email?

2. Where is Michele Bachmann? (Don’t answer. Just relish in the fact that I even thought to ask.)

3. Isn’t Big Ang a joy?

4. Whatever happened to that Eve comeback project?

5. So Azealia Banks is like more hip-hop for hipsters, right?

6. Isn’t Oprah’s Master Class the best pep talk?

7. So are these two gonna be like Foxy Brown versus Lil’ Kim, only the version of Kim she imagines herself to be?

8. Isn’t it great to see D’Angelo back on stage again?

9. Why is Rihanna so damn pressed to show the world how bad she is?

10. When is the last time Jennifer Hudson had some Popeye’s chicken?

11. How about someone push Mark Oxner off the boat instead?

12. Why are there people in the world proposing marriage via Facebook walls?

13. Will Christina Aguilera be sure to wear panties to the next funeral?

14. High unemployment rates or not, isn’t it odd for select Detroit high schools to be teaching their students how to work at Walmart (with credit to boot)?

15. Anyone else notice how much Karen on Mob Wives looks like Mafia Miss Piggy?

16. What are the chances that this might be featured on a future episode of Keeping up with the Kristians Kardashians?

17. The next time Khia makes the news for being arrested for something like repossession evasion, is it fair to assume that someone defaulted on her pussy bill?

A spilled drink may have led to four people, including two innocent bystanders, being shot early Saturday at a Stone Mountain nightclub, police said.

18. Who do I have to shoot in the NRA to get them to lay off gun control laws?

19. Isn’t this trailer a bit extra for a show that’s mainly gonna consist a bunch of women throwing watered down happy hour drinks at each other?

20. If Marlo Hampton were a song, would it be Khia’s “Pussy Bill?”

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