You Sent It: Big Yo’s Lesbian Housewives Trailer

I am all types of confused after watching a trailer for the would be reality series, Big Yo’s Lesbian Housewives. In case you were curious as to what a Big Yo is, it’s a longtime lesbian club promoter based in Houston. I recall hearing about her club from a lot of my fast ass gay friends in high school. One of those very friends sent this to me — presumably as bait.

I get it, folks. Everyone wants to be a star. Y’all see NeNe Leakes has gone from Country Crocker to the country club and y’all wanna be down, too. Trailers like these, though, prove yet again why everyone can’t be like Baloo.

No offense to these studs and fishes in the clip as they seem like lovely people, but if you’re going to try and sell a reality show (Keefy prefers the title The Secret Lives of Studs) can you front with feeling? And reason. Am I really supposed to believe that this stud with a sleeve is messing around with men? What, is she topping the dude? They both looked like they were holding in their laughter. Let it out, ladies, ’cause I damn sure did.

I will applaud Big Yo for making the most effort. Clearly, she’s been studying the Tyler Perry school of overacting. She still needs a lot more people, but here’s to hoping she scores the lead in Madea Gets Her Bussy Licked. As for that “Coming Soon to VH1!” line in this video’s summary:  They’re gonna air the sex tape Santa Clause made of the Easter Bunny blowing Jesus’ back out before this. But you know, there’s always LOGO or World Star so good luck and God bless and shit.


  1. Val says:

    Oh my. Are you sure Jerry Springer isn’t behind this? They all seem like Springer guests.

  2. tnchick says:

    “Matthew” has got to the be the white lady from the “AGB” webseries.

  3. Token says:

    This shit is beyond ridiculous. I couldn’t even watch the entire clip.

  4. Kim says:

    My gawd that was AWFUL!!!!

  5. Keeta says:

    I shook my head the entire time….and I’m a lesbian

  6. Evilene says:

    “Am I really supposed to believe that this stud with a sleeve is messing around with men? What, is she topping the dude?”

    Yes, she’s topping men. It’s called pegging. I know you’ve met some feminine guys who have dipped their sticks in the punani more than once, so you can’t be shocked at this.

  7. Pete says:

    LOOOOOOOOOOOL I’d heard about this but it was deleted when I went to look for it. I’m not surprised; that club is already ratchet as all the fucks in the land.

    Also pegging is that shit. Get on it. I’ve had my eye on a few dudes for those reasons before.