Let’s Get This Over With

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I already know I’m going to be asked, so yes, I heard the new songs from the fake ass Bobby and Whitney. Eh, each song is okay on its own merit, though it’s obvious the intent behind the releases is more important to them than the songs themselves. I don’t have a lengthy self-righteous rant about what an awful message this sends to unleash. We’ll have enough of those coming in the days ahead. Bottom line: She knows that there’s a message she’s sending with this and she doesn’t care. That is her right, though, but whatever consequences come are well deserved.

What I will say in the meantime is that I increasingly see what Ike and Tina Two have in common. Both act like obnoxious ass teenagers starved for attention. I suppose you could make the case as to how this all shows the power of forgiveness, but given the circumstances you’d think the two might have tried to discuss their past issues in better detail and of more depth with the public before dropping new material. You know, just in case some take issue with the idea of the woman who got the shit beat out of her by some bratty man child releasing a sexually explicit song featuring him.

Just a thought is all.

A lot of you laptop label heads are already toting their success because of the controversy their collaborations will secure. I gather that’s ’cause still folks believe that all attention is good attention. I know that sentiment has been around for ages, but I feel like anyone who still buys into that doesn’t know much about today’s media. Or maybe media in general. Whatever, short sightedness is all the rage these days. Case in point.

Oh yeah: Pooh Bear and Christopher Robin also operate under a very perverse view of rebellion. I’m so, so bad. Do you see how bad I am? Bad dot com backlash look at me know slash nobody can tell us what to do so there. I imagine a Twitter rant from you know who will soon come, in which he’ll be bitching and complaining about the things people say in response while simultaneously claiming to be operating under the fuck the industry and everyone’s opinion mantra. Womp, womp.

I always laugh at celebrities who whine about the public needing to judge them based on their art versus their private lives then subsequently throw their private lives in our faces. After I heard each song, I started quoting Geri Halliwell’s “Look At Me.” Thing is, we already were looking at ’em, thus making this spectacle all the more unnecessary.

In the end, as listeners we’re free to twirk to it or not. Whatever. But when it comes to Pinky and No Brains, I sure hope I don’t hear any future complaints from either about what’s headed their way (one so more than the other). They’re exploiting the very issue each vocally used to complain that the public was too invested in. Now they’re inviting everyone back into their melodrama. So, good luck to them, and more importantly, best wishes to her publicist.

P.S. I forgot she said this in her 20/20 interview:

“When I realized that my selfish decision for love could result in some young girl getting killed, I could not be easy with that part. I couldn’t be held responsible for telling them ‘Go back.’ Even if Chris never hit me again, who’s to say that their boyfriend won’t? Who’s to say that they won’t kill these girls? These are young girls. I just didn’t realize what an impact I had on these young girls’ lives until that happened.”

To quote the late, great, Nippy, “Watch what you say.”

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