“Bold” Has Gotten Boring

Perhaps it’s just her on-air character I can’t stand. Or maybe she’s a lovely person when you meet her. Who am I kidding? The way she behaves on camera is very likely the way she is in “real life.” Suffice to say, I can’t stand Evelyn Lozada. She’s so mean and spiteful. I don’t find her to be that particularly entertaining — at least certainly not after the first season.

My favorite, Rich Juzwiak, wrote a piece on why she’s the reason to watch Basketball Wives. She certainly gives her all, but if anything, Evelyn is the reason why it’s becoming increasingly harder for me to continue watching this show. The previous season of Basketball Wives wasn’t all that great, but if the fourth season opener is any indication this season might not be something I want to indulge in week after week. Yeah, they’ll be fights on fights on fights, but these ladies seem like they’re gonna be trying far too hard on topping the outlandishness viewers saw on Love & Hip Hop. At the helm of this is the biggest shrew of the show.

Don’t get me wrong: I realize why she is the breakout star of the show. I understand that this genre of programming requires a villain, and again, she plays that role exceptionally well. Too well. Can she take a break? Why are you always pissed at somebody, Evilyn? Must you always be a bully? Don’t you ever get tired of being you? I suppose she’d respond to all of this with “hell motherfucking no, bitch” and/or “you a bum.” Or worse, she’s whine about “the haters” like most self-important folks who can’t stomach criticism. I blame y’all for encouraging her.

This includes many of my friends – and even select relatives – who all love themselves some Evelyn. I’ve heard varying reasons why — most of which center on her dressing nice and being funny. Meh.

I find her antics obnoxious. The same goes for her being the biggest non-fighting fighter I have ever seen. She huffs and puffs yet never manages to blow a damn thing down. All she ever manages to do is break alcohol bottles (which is a form of abuse if there ever were one) and wait for producers to break up the brawl she knew was never gonna go down anyway. The Velvet Rope Tour was less choreographed than her “fights.”

Wait. This is the part where I’m supposed to say fighting is bad and bemoan how sad it is that grown women are behaving in this manner for television viewers’ amusement. Okay. There.

Anyway, Evelyn barks like Cujo but fights like that dog after he had been shot and killed. She’s got her nerve telling Jen that she “ain’t ’bout that life.” Neither are you, “boo boo.” Jen should have listened to Lisa Turtle Jr. about Evelyn. Let that be a lesson to each of you: Watch who you volunteer to be the Scrappy to their Scooby.

I seem to be in the minority, but I think this show could survive without Lady Bottle Waster just fine. Much like Baloo on The Real Housewives of Atlanta, I’m sure there are plenty of loud, abrasive, over-the-top women more than willing to jump on national TV to tell someone that she fucked their husband and that they were a non-motherfucking factor in addition to tossing things she at people she knows won’t get the chance to go upside her head over it. Maybe producers should try proving me right…like now.

I’m pretty sure Evelyn is ready for her spin-off anyhow. Yeah, gon’, girl. Show the world that you can find true love far faster if you pay more attention to your DMs versus Tyrese’s tired ass tweets. Plus, you can show people how you behave when you’re not enraged over…anything. We’ve seen enough of that. Trust me.

P.S. Congratulations on your book deal, Evelyn. No really. For someone who usually only says the words “bitch, fuck, red bottoms, and Chad” netting a lit and film deal with a major publisher is impressive. Go you.


  1. Melania says:

    ” For someone who usually only says the words “bitch, fuck, red bottoms, and Chad” netting a lit and film deal with a major publisher is impressive. Go you. ” LMAO dead on !

    I can’t watch these shows , atleast the other shows in that genre have some sort of plots to them , this one is basically a bunch of premenopausal petty bitches sitting around drinks going ” So what did she say about me ? “

  2. boogie says:

    “She huffs and puffs, yet never manages to blow a damn thing down”
    I love you.. You have such a way with words. It baffles me that buffoons like Evelyn can get a book deal, but people with actual talent and something to say have to struggle.

  3. tifftiff says:

    Finally a voice of reason! I tried to watch this show a couple of times (based on info. from friend’s suggestions) but each time I watched it, it was the same. Overgrown women gossipin’, overly concerned with what someone else said about them and this was back when Tami was “keepin’ it real” and hauling off and hitting ppl. like she’s crazy or unconcerned with incarceration or getting shot. I couldn’t take it then and can’t take it now, it’s not just this show but there’s a couple of others as well that I can’t understand how any self-respecting adult would conduct themselve in this manner. And also my bigger issue with these shows is that it promotes to naive/ignorant young ladies/women that the way to achieve/obtain success and financial security is sleeping with men who for the most part seem to have no respect for themselves let alone the women they use as depositories instead of obtaining an education, working each day (and I don’t mean doing things most ppl. would be ashamed to have their grandmother know about), not spending on frivolous name brands and conducting yourself as a decent lady. Besides most of these women seemed to have played themselves because many of these men they have gone after, wound up broke and in debt.

  4. Onlychyld says:

    I’m sick of Evelyn. The worst part is this show has become so formulaic that all people do is meet to talk about other people. We don’t know anything else about them. Evelyn has become a joke. She always wants people to beg to be in her “circle” and quite frankly I can’t see why anyone would want to be there. I’m over it, and over her. Don’t think I can stomach this anymore.

  5. Nunya Bizness says:

    Interesting that I was just discussing the new season of BBW with friends — and how tired I am of Evelyn having that angry stank-face ALL of the time.

    At a certain point (say, as one rapidly approaches 40 years of age – as is Evelyn) — I would think an individual has more freedom (and sense) to drop their teenage defenses; and possibly try to adopt an evolved set of social mechanisms.

    I guess I just find her persona quite tiring and ill-fitting for her age (i.e. “I was the exceptionally pretty girl in da’ hood who had to fight everyday on my way to school — just to protect myself from violent haters and jealous bitches”). Eventually, you learn that some of your best (and most protective and beneficial) social “weapons” are the same attributes that simultaneously establish boundaries, diffuse conflict and promote good will (despite differences).

    If for nothing other than good on-air character development — one of their producers should be aware that we’d get tired of watching that same attitude play out across three seasons with no change (boring!). Even the conflict mongers want Evelyn to smile or simply be happy for a season — just to see something new.

    BTW — I also find Chad HIGHLY uninteresting; and I would also like to see the ladies of BBW engage in some other activity outside of sitting around in restaurants gossiping and having drinks (while wearing full-on stage makeup, overstyled weaves and theatrical wigs at noon on a Tuesday).

  6. I couldn't agree more! Thank YOU!!