Settle Down, Supporters

Ever since she went from the inevitable to the oh, better luck next time, Hillary Clinton’s more ardent fans have been pushing for her to get back in to the White House. After failing to get her on the ticket after then-Sen. Barack Obama defeated her, there was talk of her doing a switch-a-roo with Vice President Joe Biden as early as January of this year. The silly idea was quickly nixed, leaving select Hillary well-wishers to look straight ahead to 2016.

Though many of them would be thinking this anyway, now they’re seeing their interest fueled by staples in the Democratic Party.

Longtime Clinton family political advisor James Carville kicked off talk when he said of the prospect of Hillary for president in 2016, “I always assume that if people run, they will run again.” Then came former New York Mayor Ed Kochwho told the New York Times about a conversation he had with Secretary of State Clinton in March. “I said, Everybody’s running you for president again — count me in!” Koch said. “And there were other people there who applauded.”

Yeah, I bet.

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