Can The Girl Group Make A Comeback?

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It’s been almost 10 years since Destiny’s Child released their last album and there’s yet to be any new girl group to come even close to matching their reign. A few of have tried. Cherish managed to score a hit song in “Do It To It,” but ultimately fizzled amid label trouble. There was also The-Dream-backed, Electrik Red, which released a fantastic debut album that only a few people heard. Rich Harrison’s Rich Girl never had the opportunity to even release their full-length project. A similar fate greeted Missez as well as a few other girl bands – leaving one to wonder if the girl group model had become passé in today’s musical climate.

From my own experience, En Vogue, TLC, SWV, Total, 702 and Xscape were each able to make their presence felt and enjoy success. And even though these acts didn’t match those artists’ success stories, others like Brownstone, Jade, Kut Klose still managed to enjoy modest hits during their brief runs. A special shout out goes to MoKenStef and Kut Klose, whose one-and-half a piece continue to get spins on my iPod.

I have fond memories, but isn’t it a shame the industry isn’t helping provide new ones? For the life of me, I can’t figure out what’s brought on this trend. Did the me-me-me focused millennial generation soil the concept of musical harmony for musical generations? Is it simply easier for labels to mooch off a 360 deal with a solo artist versus a group? Whatever the issue is, it’s a sad time for girl group enthusiasts like me.

However, there may finally be a glimmer of hope thanks to new works from both a veteran R&B trio and my latest girlie obsession.

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