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This disturbed young man looks like a special teen version of Law & Order: SVU. Or better yet, “What if Spotify had a pervert playlist?” I don’t know who this lil’ boy is, but judging from the clip he’s rather young. How young? I think old enough for a pollster to be weary of shaking his hand, but not nearly old enough to gross out a pretty female bartender with the way he ordered his shot and all around creepy disposition. Hopefully he’s not young enough to send my ass to jail for posting the clip. I refuse to be flipped into someone’s personal Rihanna in prison over this nonsense.

That said, I’ve had one of the absolute worst days ever, so as disturbing as this video is, it managed to make me laugh for a few minutes. You know, before I prayed for the women on his friend’s list. Judging from his over 9000 likes on Facebook, KillaKarisma is some sort of entertainer.

Okay, this cannot be real, right? It just can’t. No one could be this crazy. Someone tell me this is just a crude joke and that he’s not legally allowed to roam the streets freely. Go on, do it.

Then again, KillaKarisma, nee Jalen Thomas, is also an all around fool. I’m not sure if a fool in the ‘ha-ha’ sense or the de facto ‘yo, you need to be locked up’ fashion. I saw this because he tweeted the following to Lil’ B: “YOU’RE AN INSPIRATION!”

Damn fool, 1990s baby: What’s the difference really? I kid…towards some of you anyway.

Back to this song, which is captioned with the following damn lie: “This romantic song is dedicated to all the sexy females on my friend’s list……..I didn’t even write the lyrics, this is all one take…… raw emotion.”

Nah, dude, you wrote this in between playing with your other pencil.

You’ve got to at least acknowledge his honesty, though. “If you take a picture of your booty out, Imma jack off to it.” That and: “My penis loves your body, but I know that I can’t get you in real life.” The latter sounds like a Tumblr self-love story.

You all start watching what you post on Facebook. Or not, if you’re into this sort of thing. Either way, I’m about to go listen to T-Boz’s “Touch Myself.” That’s a much classier song about masturbation. Learn, children. Learn.

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