Leave Pop Lock Alone (About That Anyway)

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Let me start off by saying I resent all who are responsible for this post. Contrary to select person’s suspicions, I don’t hate the man, but I’ve never been that big a fan either. That said, y’all need to cut out the Chris Brown criticism as it relates to him lip syncing. Since he has the charm of a acid-filled cactus, the manner in which Breezy Boy has responded to flack among his peers gives detractors even more reason to loath him.

As in all that “fuck, y’all then” talk. Or him releasing tracks like “Bitch, I’m Paid.” Oh, and of course, that stuff about “the haters” — otherwise known as the simpleton’s most treasured imaginary friend. All of that is repulsive, but that doesn’t mean that muddied underneath all that brattiness is a legitimate reason to say, “That’s not fair.”

The guy is a talented to performer. I don’t even love all of his performers. It’s just something about him aggressive style of dancing. It’s like, “What if The Incredible Hulk had rhythm and a choreographer?” Nevertheless, the guy can dance and he’s like a Barnum and Bailey act while tough twirking. As an entertainer, he entertains. What more can people expect with the kind of production he does?

Okay, so he does lip synch. Horribly so. Maybe that’s the bigger issue: That he doesn’t really make a conscious effort to mime properly. He could stand is to learn, or add him in prerecorded live vocals to at least gave the impression that it’s something fresh (that is, more often as I get he did that this time). Hell, he can call Mathew Knowles and learn how to sing while running in heels. Something, right? Fine, I’ll give you that.

However, this idea of insinuating a lack of talent for simply not singing live while dancing hard isn’t a really fair. Some of my favorite performances – Madonna’s VMA performance of “Vogue,” Janet’s amazing mesh-up of “That’s The Way Love Goes” and “If” at the VMAs, or any of the pre-Britney gut and sanity intact performances she did at the VMAs – all feature the artists not singing a damn word live. I never cared ’cause they each made up for that in varying ways.

It’s not like Chris Brown can’t sing at all. I used to say he sings like his balls haven’t dropped yet, but clearly they’ve hit the floor by now so…yeah. Let’s focus on something else about this performance, shall we? Something more important. Uh, the dancing, his stomach, the fact that he looks like Huey, Dewey, and Louie gone Skateboard P. Anything other than a moot point about something plenty of pop stars and “real singers” have long been doing.

I think we’re done here. By the way, treasure this moment. It won’t happen that often.

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