You’re Smiling, But You’re Still Salty

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You can speak your words into a fancier accent when it suits you, but bullshit is bullshit no matter how you choose to enunciate it. That’s how I’ve been feeling about Tami Roman’s response to the response of the criticism leveled against her.  She just wouldn’t own up to her actions. Well, she admits she misbehaved a little bit, though she continues to operate from the pretense that she was provoked.

Worse, she had the sheer gall to act like she’s been victimized herself via Twitter. That comes across as laughable as it does annoying. It’s also the reason God created the emphasis on the word girl.

Initially, I was all but ready to pounce like everyone else, but only a few weeks ago did my own Tami Roman come out. To the point where I had to nix any plans to be too critical for fear of coming across as a hypocrite. I will say this, though: She needs to find a camera who refuses to film their sessions. Such a move would get her to ultimately turn off her fancy voice and get to the real source of her issues.

She makes more than $300,000 a year thanks to her Basketball Wives gig. She can afford help. If I could cover the cost of regular therapy, I most definitely would be in there getting my Frasier on. It beats the Budweiser approach to problem solving (i.e. coping).

Okay, who am I kidding? I have a little more to say than just that. Last nite’s episode and this interview made me want to revisit this again.

As I tweeted yesterday, “Tami Roman is like what happens when you never replace the bottle of self-esteem you pawned.” Also: “And y’all will not tell me ouch about that Tami tweet. She has the sweetness of the dude who tried to kill Free Willy for the insurance [money].”


I find it so funny how quick Tami runs behind Evelyn Lozada, the woman who told her that she screwed her then-husband and how she didn’t matter at the time of the adulterous act. On top of that, she chose to make a profit off her humiliation and even after Tami appealed to her (non-existent) better senses, Evelyn maintained the “Fuck you, pay me”  mantra.

Of all the people you work with, Tami, Kesha Nichols and Jennifer Williams are your biggest troubles? Oh and Royce Reed, too, now apparently since she won’t lie to you the way Shaunie and Evilyn do. C’mon nah.

I used to really like Tami, but I don’t get her. For what it’s worth, I don’t think her kids deserve to be slighted for their mama’s issues. I’m even glad Tami is managing to find work despite the dense shit she does on the show. However, at one point do you stop and say to yourself, “I’m 120 in entertainment years, when am I gonna grow up?” And by watching her and Evilyn cut up every week as true assholes in need of anger management, I’m definitely looking at myself thinking, “Dear, God. Don’t ever let me end up this damn miserable.”

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