I Need Answers

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1. On a scale of Popeye’s wing to Golden Corral buffet, how big a bird am I for loving a song called “Snapbacks & Tattoos?”

2. Can someone draw Usher a map, preferably one that leads to his old R&B self?

3. Doesn’t anal sex deserve a classier spokesperson than Brian McKnight?

4. Can we have a moratorium on televised singing competitions?

5 Who told Facebook that it needed to duplicate all of the annoyances of MySpace and Black Planet?

6. When did everyone start using the lingo of gay Black men?

7. In the case of Rihanna’s interview with Esquire UK, how can someone who does something intentionally seeking attention get mad at a reporter for actually paying attention?

Bonus: Is that not like dangling a pipe, bag & lighter in someone’s face & getting pissed if they ask whether or not you smoke?

8. Are you ready to sweat or does someone need to hand Ciara a towel so she can dust herself off and try again?

9. Why do I feel like there are a bunch of white people somewhere going, “Oh, we’ve been sick of Gwyneth Paltrow?”

10. After looking at the latest jobs report how can anyone still knock Rocsi?


12. What in the hell is that new video with Erykah Badu about?

13. Hasn’t Shaunie O’Neal been singing this sad love song for years now?

14. Shouldn’t we have heard some doo-wop-pop-pop from Tamar Braxton by now?

15. Does anyone read better than Charlamagne Tha God on radio?

16. Even if some folks give her a hard time, shouldn’t Nicki Minaj learn to be a little less defensive?

17. Does anyone else have to often fight off the urge to yell “2 CHAINZ!” at random?

18. Is this what rock bottom looks like on a billboard?

19. Would it really kill everyone involve to at least wait a year before we start talking about post-Whitney Houston books, reality shows, tribute songs and movies?

20. Isn’t the best way to fight the zombies legalizing weed?

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