“Instagram Your Body”

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So apparently Willie Taylor of Day 26 took to Twitter to confirm that Day 26 is officially over and done with. I could’ve told him that back in 2010, but people come to learn their truths on their own time. Not letting a few monkeys stop his show, Willie Taylor is back with his new single, “Instagram Your Body.”

Yes, that is the name of the single. Indeed, he took it there. Of course, I wish he hadn’t. No, I have no idea why he chose to.

This song is many things and good wouldn’t be a word I’d think to include. Okay, wait. I did wave and sip in my seat a lil’ bit to it. However, I am on a caffeine high while typing this. I’ll sway to the sounds of a running faucet when I’m high on caffeine.

I understand that the song actually captures the hoe shit spirit of Instagram, but there’s something really corny about this. “Bring you booty on down on this bed. And Imma I can take a flick. A flick. A flick. A flick.”

Maybe this tickles some of y’all’s sweet spots, but the second I heard that hook I swear if it could, my dick, my dick, my dick…would laugh.

But if this ditty here strokes you up, I don’t mind. That much anyway. Judging you, though, even if only slightly.

However, continue to snapping your shots on Instagram. It provides motivation. Of both the Shaun T. and Kelly Rowland variety.

That’s not really a compliment to “Instagram Your Body,” but clearly this is the only positive point I have…so take it, Willie with your, ahem, handsome self. Now that I think about it, this song will seek revenge on my slickness by way of haunting me in my sleep. Let me wrap up now before it gets any worse.

I wonder does my old barber in LA know about this track because he has a single called “Girl, I’ll Skype You.” The lyrics go: “Girl, I’ll skype you, cuz I like you….I might wife you….”

For real, you can go to dmilla.com. I’m supporting him because he supported my line up. Y’all know of my struggles with other people on that (if not, read here). Anyway, maybe they can plan a tour. Call it the Social Media Slut You tour. I might join as soon as I write my forthcoming single, “Facebook Fuck.” Uh huh, I’m still contemplating a rap career. Don’t steal that.


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