Hold Your Shovel With Some Pride, Woman

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Why would a woman who recorded a song called “Sponsor” even bother feigning obliviousness over criticism that she records “gold digging music?”

Wait, I’m being silly. We live in a world where a man could be caught singing into a penis and look at you stupid if you ask whether or not they’re into dudes. Of course you’re defensive about people describing your music that way, Teairra.

I happen to like Teairra Mari, though. I don’t classify her tunes as “gold digger music.” I opt for “bird tunes” which includes the occasional gold digger themes but encompasses other aspects, too. Say cocky club ditties, certain types of freaky shit, songs that send your neck swirling around like it’s drying clothes, etc. It’s hard to break down, but you know a bird song when you hear one because your inside voices start to cluck.

That’s not completely an insult.

However, I do happen to agree that songs such as “Sponsor” are gold digger down. I can understand why such a tag with make Teairra a wee bit uncomfortable, but c’mon nah lady. Embrace the truth.

She said:

“I grew up in Detroit, not so great area. If somebody came through and wanted to sponsor my nails or my hair, yeah, I’m not gonna turn it down.”


“How can I be a gold digger when I work so hard?”


“We have so many women out here that date men with a lot of money and why can’t they have an anthem? Why can’t I speak for the Basketball Wives?”

Here’s the thing, Teairra, accepting a gift isn’t the same thing as singing:

He must be a rapper, baller, doctor, dentist
Corner boy, cook chef, chemist
I don’t even care
Just so long as he goes and bu-bu-buy buy


Not all gold diggers are unemployed. Having a day job is often a good cover up to reel in the right kind of sucker anyway. As for your Basketball Wives defense: Tami Roman once had a car with a license plate that read “His Money.” And you do realize this is the show with Evelyn Lozada, right?

Oh, and while I have your attention:

“It’s not saying you need to be dependent on a man. I am definitely an advocate of an independent woman so I never meant that…to come off like that.”

The song is called “Sponsor,” ma’am. God Bless you, but gon’ somewhere. The jig is up. Grab your shovel and dig with pride, woman.

The girl group Shades sure did.

The song wasn’t ’bout shit, but I bought the single in the 90s and I was boppin’ to it in the gym last week. The times are more favorable than ever for this kind of subject matter. Hell, I think about joining the other side whenever I look at my student loan statements or the state of the industry I work in. Should I do, I’m gonna own it…and I’m sure by the time you drop another “Sponsor” like song, you will, too.

P.S. I love this: “I’m gonna be popping off so you might as well get used to it.” Goodness, you are the cutest thing ever.


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