My Bad, Diamond

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After watching this interview, I owe Diamond an apology. Anyone who has seen me in the club drunk, or at least terrifically tipsy, knows that when Diamond’s verse on “Rock Yo Hips” comes on a feeling of great joy consumes me as I repeat everything she says line for line. Insert your clucks here. That said, my love for Ms. 32 Flavors shifted a bit after listening to Momma Dee and Lil’ Scrappy rip her reputation to shreds. I was wrong for allowing that smack sway me.

I am so, so sorry for letting their shade sink into the psyche, Diamond. Whether or not what that pimp and the other tity boi say about you is true is a moot point. You helped me rock my hips, then make it wiggle, wavin’, sippin’ in this bizzle when I needed to most. I am forever grateful to you.

I, too, now understand why Diamond didn’t bother with Love & Hip Hop: Alanah. Though the show has become one of my favorite things in life, Diamond is trying to be classy now so it wouldn’t be a good look for her. As classy as anyone who releases mixtapes under the “Bitch Musik” label can be anyway.

I was under the impression that Diamond simply didn’t want to get choke slammed by Momma Dee in the Kroger’s parking lot while the camera crew zoomed into her butt cheeks mid-cement back crack.

Diamond aims higher. She’s trying to be the kind of hood person who doesn’t just to go Pappadeaux’s on somebody’s birthday. Shouldn’t we support that?

I want it to work out for Diamond. Rap still needs more women and I happen to dig a lot of the solo songs she’s released in the last few years. Especially “Superbad,” that song she did with Cee-Lo, which I resent each of you for not supporting ’cause that shit was hot.

Don’t get too PC on me, though, lady. You are from Crime Mob, after all. Trina ran too far away from what made her special and you see where that got her.

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