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I almost wanted to kick off this post with “LOL.” As a writer, that’s kind of disgusting but nevertheless it best describes my reaction to this story of the gay Mormon who boasts of his awesome sex life with his wife. That and “fuck you.”

In theory, I don’t mind the idea of a gay man sharing his fairy tale about marrying a woman, having a family, and living the perfect hetero life despite his natural homo inclinations. In theory.

On one end, Josh Weed does add a bit of nuance to the idea of homosexuality. I get annoyed when people – gays and bisexuals included – only look at homosexuality and heterosexuality within the sole context of sex. Homosexuality is simply your primary physical attraction being towards someone of the same sex. It doesn’t mean your genitals hit an automatic off switch when presented with the opportunity to have sex with someone of the opposing gender. Sexual arousal can be a bit tricker for some even if their preferences are much clearer.

Kudos to him for highlighting that, but he and his wife can fall into Montgomery Burns’ trap door in his office all the same. He, his wife and the church in which they serve have an obvious agenda.He can say all he wants that he’s not trying to sway other religious gay men, but that is a crock.

Josh is a gay man who opts to have sex with one woman because he believes that is what God expects of him. A person with that sort of thinking wants to convince others that they can join him and peddle that perverse view that homosexuality is a choice and obviously one can choose to suppress those feelings successfully.

As Mrs. Mormon notes: “That he gave up something so core to show his love for God and for me. I can’t imagine something more beautiful than that.”

So take back control of your jock for Jesus?

This is Exodus International realness personified. We’ve had these sorts of testimonies before. Did we really need yet another one?

To say that doing so is to please God is to infer that being gay is wrong. It reminds me of the time my devout Catholic mother told me after I told her I was gay, “Well, you don’t have to act on it.” She’d rather me never use my dick the way my body prefers it to over her fear it will lead me towards damnation.

Why won’t you people just buy For The Bible Tells Me So already? Or like…read more of it altogether.

Josh can go on and on all he wants about how “happy” he is and how “great” his sex life is with the woman he wishes came with a penis, but if is happiness is rooted in denying his core that makes it tainted. He is under the impression that he effectively came with a default, so he is doing what he thinks is necessary to appease God. He is coping, perhaps better than others but coping all the same. That doesn’t sound especially happy.

Worse, he wants others to fall for the okie doke, too. His methods will not work for everyone (I speak from experience) given how fundamentally flawed in logic it is. Yes, logic, the Christmas gift God left a lot of y’all but so many refuse to open.

What I wish Josh said was, “I’m afraid that God wouldn’t love me if I acted on my natural (re: God given) urges as explained by church’s teachings.”

Or: “I might be gay, but I wanted a traditional family. It’s too different and too hard to have it the other way.”

Something beyond this trite, “I did it for the love of God.” You did not. You did it in fear of what you think God’s reaction will be. You also did it for your church who has spent a substantial amount of money trying to take down marriage equality because they feel it is an affront to their idea of the traditional family.

For all this talk about God, you’d think someone of his ilk would be a bigger stickler for truth.

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