Bigots and Blouses

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Some have made the mistake of assuming that any criticism about the criticism being leveled at Chick-fil-a makes you an apologist for them and their purported bigotry. That doesn’t surprise me, but it doesn’t give me any less urge to toss a Church’s chicken biscuit (they’re harder) at their heads all the same. In a piece for, I revisited a past post about Chick-fil-a in light of their company’s head slamming same sex marriage and its supporters.

I’m not telling people what to do with their money.

In fact, I note that I hadn’t even been back there since hearing more of Dan Cathy’s commentary and I think it’s perfectly reasonable to no longer want to support those people. However, I argue that when it comes to cities blocking them for their political views it becomes concerning. And overall, I wonder whether or not assailing them with a bunch of name calling really does much in the way of changing minds.

People allow the Dan Cathy’s of the world to argue about the “biblical literal definition of marriage” and “biblical tradition of family.” Thing is, this shit doesn’t exist and instead of someone shutting him down from a theologian standpoint, what we end up getting is a bunch of back and forth that goes no where.

The substantive gives way to spectacle and it irks me.

Where is someone to tell Dan Cathy, “Motherfucker, have you even read the Bible?” I take this personally because it’s been a personal problem for throughout my life. Some of the comments I’ve got in response to the piece seem to miss that point I tried to make. Sometimes saying it plain isn’t enough for people.

To that end, read the piece here. Yes, go read it even if I just blabbed here. There’s more. Uh huh.

Oh yeah, I wrote something on your cousins on the right complaining about Michelle Obama and expensive clothes and hypocrisy. That one can be read here.

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