Fools Be Winning

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Even if delivered with a smile and pleasant disposition, ignorance is ignorance.

No wonder Soledad O’Brien is one of the few people over at CNN who can work without rampant ridicule: she bothers to do her job.

Christine O’Donnell says she wants to educate young people about the government despite not knowing basic concepts of other forms of government herself. It’s about time someone asked someone of Christine’s ilk whether or not she even knows what the words socialism and Marxism actually mean. To anyone who understood the definitions beforehand, the answer has long been known. Regardless, it is nice to hear a fool tell on herself. Maybe it will convince others to do a little digging.

Or not.

Sadly, I doubt it matters to Christine O’Donnell’s audience that she’s not aware of how socialism and Marxism work. They don’t know either nor do they want to. Her people want to be pandered to, not necessarily educated.

I could complain about how aesthetics, white privilege, entitlement, and all that aid the Christine O’Donnell’s of the world, but this is a problem that goes beyond that and the realm of politics. It has become increasingly apparent that all one has to do is simply say something over and over again and a credulous public will ultimately regurgitate it back.

You can see it any day on social media.

New York Times columnist Charles M. Blow deservingly drew the ire of people online when he tweeted: “Revelation: karaoke is to singers what blogging is to writers #thatisall”

The tweet was a vivid example of what happens to people when they get caught up in the pursuit of “cleverness” — particularly with a 140 character word limit. There are number of quality writers who blog, so his comment was as snooty as it was wrong. At the same time, I do think I understand the underlying sentiment.

Though the majority of bloggers aren’t guilty of it, there is this loud chorus of people who do blog that think far too highly of themselves despite not knowing how to write and being even less adept at making sense. Neither quality prevents them from being successful, though, because in the end, what matters most is that they’re the loudest.

You shouldn’t be mad about someone else’s success, but it’s hard not to be frustrated to see people rise for being unreasonable.

Even if you remove that untruthful tweet from the equation, there remains an element online with far too many fools forever upset about nothing, ranting about something without a lick of substance, yet unapologetically all too demanding about wanting everyone’s attention.

You can’t help but want to ask:

“Why don’t you know anything?” 

“Why are you so loud with nothing to say?”

“Does it bother you that you’re a bullheaded dummy who probably made at least half your K-12 teachers question their professional choices?”

“Fuck, why are such a fucking idiot?”

You then quickly wonder what would even be the point of asking? There’s a reason Christine O’Donnell had that silly smirk on her face after being asked if she understood the words coming out of her mouth. She knew enough to know that her answer didn’t matter. She already won by being in the position to get asked the question.

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