Philosophy With Little Perspective

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In the interest of confirming that I’m not intentionally living up to the name of this site with this line of criticism, I want to preface this post by noting that I completely understand the need for words of encouragement, tips on how to realize your best self, and everything else you’ll hear during any commercial break on OWN that serves as a euphemism for being happier. That’s not my issue nor as it ever been. When I publish works like “You’re As Deep As A Wad of Spit, Shut Up” and entries such as these, I’m not targeting people in need so much as I am those who take advantage of them. A chorus of people who put on airs of enlightenment, yet if you really, really pay attention to what they’re actually saying, it amounts to a heaping pile of nothingness.

You know how people used to wrongly critique Oprah that her self-help tips were self-involved? Twitter (among other social media outlets) is that nightmare scenario realized. But whereas Oprah typically offers an interesting perspective, I keep reading these namby-pamby ass tweets and immediately channel my inner Amil on Jay-Z’s “Nigga What, Nigga Who?”

Maybe I’m old fashioned, but I would think anyone sharing “wisdom” can do so without simultaneously pointing out how fucking fantastic they think they are. And this is one important reason why I can’t take so many of these social media philosophers seriously. If you’re in the interest of truly helping people, you can think of ways to do so without sucking your own dick in the process.

Masturbate on your time, motherfuckers.

I don’t even follow these types, but I keep seeing the retweets. Yeah, I need a superior filter, but in the meantime it remains worth pointing out that taking the booming resurgence of self-help tips and meshing it with our collective growing selfishness a spiritual awakening do not make.

I mean, the trend is not as bad as drinking MD 2020 but those fools are still drunk off something.

Unfortunately, there’s something even more repulsive than the “advice” being peddled that is best surmised as: “I am so awesome, so very damn awesome. Let me tell you why I am so incredible. Oh yeah, be blessed and be better and awesome…like me. Okay? And remember: I’m great.”

It’s that overly simplistic and mind-numbingly selfish drivel that offers quick fixes to life that only exists for a very small segment of the larger population.

The other day I read the following: “Don’t do work that doesn’t excite you. Period. Money, credibility, status or favors are important, but excitement is key.”

I see this sentiment conveyed all the time and I always peg it as asinine. It comes it other forms i.e. “Be your own boss” and “Stop complaining about your job, you have the power to change that.”

If only life were as easy as these magicians make it seem. But it’s not. It’s complicated, and as eye souring as it may be to read, incredibly hard for many people. Not everyone has the luxury to up and quit their job. There are responsibilities and realities that come with them.

More times than not I get the sense that people who perpetuate these myths are often single and likely don’t know what it’s like to struggle. And when I say struggle, I’m talking about from a certain economic and social inequality. We all have our struggles, but they are not equal. If you don’t understand this concept, you live within a bubble and while whatever works for you is fine, you’re insensitive for judging other people whose experiences you can’t fathom in the least.

You are also kind of silly…and that’s me being gentle.

I showed my friend that tweet and she said to me: “That’s the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard. You gotta do whatever it takes to be able to have the basic needs in your life.  In the wise words of Robin Harris in House Party: ‘Sometimes you gotta do what you don’t wanna do to get where you wanna be.'”

Yes, there comes a time for calculated risk but suggesting folks just do what they love without proper planning, and more importantly proper income, is irresponsible. That is, the advice without specifics but plenty of scorn to those who don’t follow it. “And stupid,” as my friend pointed out.

At the core, much of this lack effort to make legitimate sense can be attributed to the fact that everyone wants to be Deepak Chopra now because there’s a lot to gain from it. If there was a wide trend to tie a donkey tail in the back of your pants with equal opportunity for followers to profit in one or several ways, a bevy of these banal ass bullshitters would be walking around dressed like Eeyore.

This doesn’t apply to everyone. I may not agree with everything I read, but I do see some with good intentions doing their best to lift others up. I’m grateful to those who mean it, but remain troubled with the rest.

I feel sorry for those who fall for their mess. I wish I could understand the gullibility that gets people to not only believe, but perpetuate the kind of triteness I’m referencing. Folks might be hungry, but we don’t have to eat everything waved in front of us, especially if the cook used spoiled ingredients and doused it with spit.

God bless the sucker, though.


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