Ciara, Can You Shake The Habit?

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Monitor, monitor, in my face, is there any other singer more pressed about getting out of last place?

I am not sure what Ciara’s new single “Sorry” will sound like. Perhaps it’ll be the much-needed boost her declining relevance needs. Lord knows she didn’t do it with “Sweat.” Seriously, how do you make a wack ass song with Uncle 2 Chainz in 2012?

Regardless of how good or bad it will be, though, based on this still from the forthcoming video for the new single, Ciara continues to be the stunt queen of sexuality.

I don’t give Ciara the compliments I used to back when crunk reigned supreme, but I will say Ciara has a remarkable ability of testing my views on how an artist uses their sexuality for success. I don’t mind vulgarity in lyrics nor do I take issue with a singer going spread eagle on sheer principle. But, I rarely if ever cut for an artist who does so and manages to let it reek of desperation.

I was wrong about the catchiness and hit potential of “Ride,” though can’t shake this past criticism completely about the video:

People will talk about this video for a week or so. The same way they did with “Love, Sex, & Magic.”

You remember how well that did for her, don’t you? A hook can sell music a lot better than sex. That’s why I don’t think any other singer out there is quaking in fear over this.

In fact, if I were Beyoncé watching the “Ride” video I’d be like “You know what, let me get an extra order of red beans & rice.”

I hope history won’t repeat itself.

Ciara’s already screwing up with the build for her new single(s). As I mentioned on Twitter, “Ciara dropping teases for this new single to the public is like waving half a bone in front of a full dog. Bless her heart.”

I suggest her fans pray to R&B/pop Jesus for a cute melody and catchy as sixth circle of hell hook. I’m going to throw in a prayer for the cause, too. We need a Janet Jackson like artist out right now. Granted, Beyoncé is the premiere performer of her generation, but she’s best all around and gives you a show yet not like one Damita Jo. Rihanna has all the hits, but it’s evident that she refuses to realize her full potential and stop dancing like she’s on the last few minutes of her shift at Hot Wings, Hotter Tits.

So you know, I hold on to hope for Ciara if for no other reason than filling a void. If she messes up yet again, however, she needs to get out the way already and go ahead and become a Kardashian. That seems to have been her purpose the last few years anyway.

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