I Need Answers

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1. Why would I want Iyanla Vanzant to fix my life when Oprah had to fix hers twice?

2. As understandable as it is for Drake to want to wear clothes that show off his new, fitter body, can Drake give Samantha Jones the top to her pajamas set back and try again?

3. Which one of the gods’ genitals do I have to gnaw on to get this trend of rappers jumping on every single R&B single to stop already?

4. If we can’t agree on what Chris Brown’s latest tattoo is, can we shoot for an accord that most of Chris Brown’s tattoos look terrible?

5. Years ago, DMX used to stop random people on the street and ask them to join him in group prayer. After watching this clip, isn’t it time for him to go back to that?

6. So when are Toni and Tamar Braxton releasing “Dingaling of Gold” to iTunes?

7. Can someone tell Cee-Lo to cut this shit out already?

8. Don’t we need Dawn Richard’s solo career to become a bigger deal already?

9. Fuck wrong with Chuck Norris, yo?

10. So basically Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are the over sharers the gossip world wanted Beyoncé and Jay-Z to be, right?

11. Admit it, you already miss Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta, don’t you?

12. Is Ginuwine being cut a check for this?

13. Who knew Britney Spears was a shade samurai? (LOVE YOU, BRITNEY!)

14. Has 2 Chainz reinvigorated your over 35 daddy, uncle, cousin’s dreams of a rap career?

15. Does Amerie look at Jheno Aiko and wonder, “Can we, can we go, can we go back to where love is?”

16. Rick Santorum recently said about being a [social] conservative:

“We will never have the elite, smart people on our side.”

East Coast, where you at? Can he get a hand clap? West coast, where you at? Can he get a hand clap?

“Making love and images of your kids start popping up in your mind cause you love being in there so much…..”

17. Explain to me why Tyrese is about to be a two-time New York Times bestselling author again?

18. Even if I agree, why does it matter if most Americans think President Obama would give Mitt Romney the fade?

19. Isn’t it wonderful to see NFL players advocate my right to marry Matt Kemp?

20. While I enjoy Big Sean, who else hears him say “B-I-G” on a record and think:


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