Donald Trump Reminds Me of Herpes

I was assigned to write about a messy political stunt queen named Donald Trump and his latest asinine announcement. Although I’d much rather he’d do us the solid of falling into an abyss somewhere versus compelling people to pay him any mind, the rent must be paid.


No one should be this desperate to plug their reality show on NBC.

Yes, he’s White, male, and wealthy, which means he doesn’t have to prove much to get undeserved attention, but at one point do we collectively say, “Trump, is an empty-headed nuisance who should be relegated to crazy man yelling crap on the corner while collecting spare change status?”

Donald Trump is to the media what genital herpes is to the human body.

And while we would all wish that he would just go away permanently — never to pop up on another news station again — unfortunately, Trump behaves like some sort of mutated strain that manages to keep popping up.

Enter today.

I may not be literally scratching in the “love below” area, yet I am scratching the head up top wondering just how much longer the media at large is going to put up with this dude’s attention-whoring antics?  It’s apparent that he’s on that “Effie White” side of life when it comes to his pursuit of publicity. So be it, but can’t we be more stingy when it comes to giving in?

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  1. Troop Scoop says:

    LMFAOOOOOOO! I died @ herpes…