Drake’s School Daze

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Aubrey Graham sure knows when to turn off his Pimp C impersonation and channel his more natural Mr. Feeny when the time calls for it, doesn’t he?

I was at Yardfest when Drake told a crowd of Howard University students, alum, and the others that he thought to become a Bison following a trip to the bookstore. While that remains to be seen, I used it as a template for my latest roundtable over at The Shadow League.

Check a sample of it below:

Sounding more literate than 70 percent of hip-hop isn’t enough for Drake. Yeah, Wheelchair Jimmy wants more than that GED, y’all. He’s got to get that degree, too.

During an appearance at Howard University’s Yardfest late last week, the rapper-singer-emotional rollercoaster told the turnt up and tummies full of fried tilapia crowd:

“You know about two minutes ago, I made the decision. For the last four months I went back to high school and I graduated high school, so you see what my campaign is about this year, ‘cause I went straight to the bookstore. I’m trying to come to school with y’all. I wanna know if you accept.”

Could a detour to college really be next on Drake’s agenda?

Time will tell, but in the meantime, we’ve gathered a group of celebrities who’ve been caught up in similar school dazes to give Aubrey Graham some advice. What can the likes of Tyra Banks, Waka Flocka Flame, Diddy, Lil’ Wayne, and DMX share with the Canadian who grew up wanting to be Mr. Aaliyah Haughton?

Tyra Banks: Well, I just want to start off by commending you for going black with your higher education. I wish I had done that. My college experience was a mess, child. I was dealing with my boyfriend who was playing track and got caught up in all the racial tension going on throughout the campus. Damn, let Obama cook. So, yeah, all I wanted to do was help tutor him and train together; but found myself shot in the stomach on the yard in the middle of the day. It hurt almost as bad as my first shoot with Naomi Campbell.

Mary J. Blige: Yo, isn’t that Higher Learning you’re talking about?

You want to read more, right? The answer is yes. It’s always yes.

So you know, gon’ head and read the rest over at The Shadow League.

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