She Ain’t No Diva

What in the whitewashed hell is this poster for VH1 Divas supposed to be? And shut up, I’m not saying white people cannot be divas. I country two-stepped to Faith Hill when she appeared on a past edition of the show. Fine, I didn’t, but “Wide Open Spaces” is a personal favorite. Regardless, this is wrong.

Like, what is VH1 trying to give us here? Sexed up M.I.A.? Coked out cage dancer? 1975? Whatever they’re trying to convey in this poster, I’d like to return to sender and give them a do over.

I distinctly remember reading that the show would be honoring the late Whitney Houston. If Auntie Whitney saw this poster, she’d probably spit on it. Wait, that’s more of a Aretha Franklin kind of thing. Nippy would at least roll her eyes something terrible.

You get it. Bad poster. Bad, bad poster. Boo, hiss. For shame. Etcetera, etcetera.