I Love You, Faith Evans

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In 2012, chances are supremely slim that you could get an R&B singer to open up about their cheating, famous top-selling rapper husband, their trifling, no good phony ass rising rapper friend, and nasty rumors about them bedding a rapper feuding with their estranged husband. At least not with the blunt deliverance Faith offers in this clip. Many of today’s artists would like to have you believe that they’re giving their all via reality television, but that can never be completely true if the exposure of your “real” life comes with a story board editor.

A wonderful person mentioned this interview to me, describing it a tee. Is it not amazing? Yes, people overuse the word to death, but resurrect your nerves for a second and agree with me.

As much as I enjoyed R&B Divas after a while, Faith was far more demure than I ever remembered her. Of course, she always appeared smarter than your average entertainer, but clearly there was an edge to her. See above. I’m not going to blame the pregnancy hormones either for this interview. That’s just her and she’s awesome because of it.

In fact, when I met Faith a few years ago at a party in LA, she told me, “Excuse my weed breath.” I say that in full admiration. And regret. Why didn’t I ask to hit the blunt?

In any event, the way she politely shaded the hell out of 2Pac for wrongly invoking her name into a feud he had with another dude is smooth. How she threw Lil’ Kim under the bus for being a terrible friend is hysterical. Speaking of Lil’ Kim being a fake ass person, that sure is a running theme over two decades, isn’t it? No wonder Kimberly Jones is walking around here looking like incomplete white woman in the face with a body that screams, “Tim Burton did my ass and hip shots.”

Until you do right by people, Kimberly, everything you sit on gonna make you worry that your lopsided ass cheeks gonna crumble.

Now, enjoy this interview and remember: Faith is, was, and forever shall be a joy.

And goodness, do I miss the 1990s. So much.

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