He Want That Hot Sugar

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‘Twas love at first bop when I heard the snippet of Tamar Braxton’s “Hot Sugar.” It has since become my new obsession. I’ve already made an mp3 of the 30 second clip and added it to my iPod. I spent much of today’s workout fighting the urge to full out pop it, pop it, pop it to the song, which I set to loop. I failed for the most part. What can I say? Can’t stop, must bop. Then drop.

I need this song in full in my life. As soon as humanly possible preferably. Is it not amazing? Yes, the answer is yes. “Hot Sugar” is everything I look for in a track: Good vocals, a bounce-inducing beat, and just the right amount of innuendo.

Speaking of vocals, I swear I can listen to anything Tamar Braxton wants to sing. Her voice is so gorgeous.

See? Get your life. Now bring it back to “Hot Sugar.”

I went out of my way to tell people that they must listen to this snippet. My friend Alex said it was cute for her, but wondered what sound the littlest Braxton was going for. I didn’t have a concrete answer at the time, but I think I’ve got it now.

Tamar’s sound is going to be “Auntie’s still got it.” Tamar would probably prefer I describe it as “younger big sis who continues to catch the beat.” Either or.

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I’m not mad at that angle, though. I’ve already started contemplating taking up bikram yoga so I can stay as limber as possible. Like Tamar, I’m not giving up the uptempo life in my 30s.

I can see it now:

Oh shit. That’s my song. Let’s hit the dance floor. Wait, wait. Let me stretch.



Okay, bitches. Let’s go.

I wonder how many stereotype alarms I just set off? Y’all can write my ticket and leave it in the comments section.

In any event, get into this. Get into it now. And dammit, I need my Tamar Braxton sophomore album already. I can only sing “Words,” “Can’t Nobody,” “No Disrespect,” and “You Don’t Know” for so long (12 years to be exact).

By the way, my name is Michael and I’m a Tamartian.


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