Have You Dropped It For Obama?

In the past political rap harped on it taking a nation of millions to hold us back, nowadays it seems more focused on making that ass clap. Houston rapper Beat King, behind empowering gems like “You Ain’t ‘Bout Dat Life Hoe,” has released a new track in celebration of President Obama’s reelection. Probably won’t get any spins at the Inaugural Ball, but for those planning to be outside in the cold to see the president sworn in, maybe this can help keep you warm?

“Pop a Molly for Obama.”

“Drop that ass for Obama, good health care for my mama.”

“She got that good weave like Michelle. Remy.”

“Team Obama we turnt up, if you voted make that ass drop.”

“Mitt Romney wife look like she was always high on that bath salt.”

“Strippers love Obama. Make sure he pays for that.”

“I got money like Republicans, but I make it rain like Democrats.”

Oddly enough, there’s also a quip about getting rid of ratchet hoes. No further comment on that. Well, y’all wanted the president to get more people involved in politics. Do you now bob your head to the consequences?

I do have one correction to share:  The Democrats don’t make it rain in the stripclub. That’s a GOP thing.