Trouble With Nicki’s ‘Truth’

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While touting her new E! special, Nicki Minaj told USA Today, “I’m not trying to have a façade. I’m showing exactly what goes on in my life. I think people will be surprised at seeing that.”

Through no fault of her own, there was reason to be skeptical about Nicki Minaj: My Truth; most “inside looks” into the lives of today’s mega pop stars prove themselves to be as carefully story boarded as anything on VH1’s Monday night line-up. To her credit, Minaj has lived up to the standard she set and validated remarks like “You’ll see by the first episode that I didn’t care that the cameras were on.”

However, the honesty she’s shown thus far on the three-part mini series isn’t always easy to watch. Despite having pledged allegiance to #TeamMinaj since watching Minaj proclaim her greatness on the streets of NYC five years ago, even I can’t dispute critiques of the rapper as a “whining, demanding diva over the most frivolous things” and an “egomaniac convinced that she is doing so much for the world.” Recently Minaj used Twitter to big up the production company behind her 2010 MTV special My Time Now for not “trying to sell a story,” but her on-air behavior on her latest TV foray plays into an unfavorable narrative about her that’s been brewing all year.

Watching Minaj lay into employees over a side of greens, articles of clothing, her set and other trivial matters just felt unnecessary. Yes, you get an understanding of why she can be snippy—she’s under tremendous pressure from juggling a bevy of responsibilities— yet that’s no excuse. All it does is remind me of interviews like one she gave to VIBE earlier this year in which she went into condescension overdrive over not having things go the way exactly as she wanted them to.

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