“Michelle Obama”

I was all but ready to lay into Lil’ Debbie and Riff Raff over their track “Michelle Obama,” but I noticed that five minutes after I turned this video off that the damn song was stuck in my head. That “presidential tint, Michelle Obama” part to be exact. Ugh, that is so catchy. Damn these people. Also, I’d be lying if I didn’t tell you that I didn’t turn the video back on and bounced to that beat. Fine: I’m bouncing as I type this.

Yes, I’m ashamed, and no, that doesn’t excuse Kreayshawn’s kinfolk for this fuck shit. Still, if I were a southern rapper I’d be trying to buy that beat. T.I. could use a bop-friendly track like that right about now. Y’all better tweet him the link to this. For real.

These people ain’t shit, but that beat knocks. Don’t lie. That said, like that “Drop That Ass For Obama” track, folks gotta cut this out.

And as for these “rappers”: How would you like it if I wrote a song and rapped “Bob Dylan Dick ’cause I’m gon’ rock ya mama and soon as I finish off your papa?” Who am I kidding? They’d be like, “Who is Bob Dylan? Is that 2Chainz’s grandpa?”

On a scale from one to David Petraeus how ain’t shit would be if I added this to my iPod for my gym playlist? What can I say? Birds gon’ bop.

Nah really, sometimes a beat just overcomes you. Just like Hocus Pocus when Bette Middler and Carrie Jessica Parker had the room singing:

Ah say ento pi alpha mabi upendi
Ah say ento pi alpha mabi upendi
In comma coriyama

Same thing, right?

No? Alright, I’m sorry Black people. This too shall pass. But, if you find yourself singing “Presidential tint, Michelle Obama!” in a few minutes, it’s okay. I’ll be here. Still catching the beat.