“Biracial Girl”

I try not to make fun of the mentally ill, but when they manage to sneak out of their treatment center, find a film crew, and submit their music video to BET, how can I not?

Wait, I owe the mental health community an apology. He’s not sick, just a bored step-daddy with money and nerve to burn. Who let this fool out of solitary confinement at the Self-Hate Center For Confused Blacks to shoot this video? My friend sent this to me, and while I love her dearly, I’ll probably never forgive her for bringing it to my attention. This song is several variations of terrible, yet I woke up singing this days after I first watched it.

I don’t know if this video already made its way around the blogs, but I still want to state the following:

1. I hate this Negro.

2. I hate this Negro’s song.

3. I hate this Negro’s sweater.

4. I hate this Negro for giving me a preview of what Omarion is gonna look like after he hits 45 and the buffet versus the gym.

5. I hate that I know damn well none of the girls in this video are biracial.

6. I hate that I don’t think the women in this video were cast so much as street harassed until they give him a hug to make him go away (after calling the police, of course).

7. I hate that he even made a song for biracial girls. Halle Berry deserves better (according to me, not Gabriel Aubry).

8. I hate that this song makes Brian McKnight’s anal-probing themed lullaby sound genius by comparison.

9. I hate that this song will be stuck in my head for at least seven minutes after I hit “publish” on this post.

10. I hate that some of y’all are going to send me hate mail and tweets after you see this for yourselves.

I’m done.


  1. Mel S Moffitte says:


  2. Em Mitch says:

    omfg! are u serious lol and he's trying to look all swagga like! why do these people make money and I gotta work?

  3. Tim Terrell says:

    Please forgive your friend who brought this to your attention because 1) it gave you a great article and 2) it was hilarious. And yes, this video has made it's way around blogs. What you have posted there is the official video, no doubt made after the original (shot on the set of a public access talk show) made Fury an internet superstar. For a real laugh and to get pointers on some bootleg Michael Jackson movies, check out the original video.

  4. Nick Anthony says:

    This cannot be life.

  5. I. Absolutely. Can. Not.

  6. Tarana Burke says:

    Denene Millner. Please go to YouTube and research this man. It will make your life.

  7. Tarana Burke: My stomach is still trying to recover from this video (and Michael Arceneaux's hilarious take on it). There's more?! Lawd…

  8. Um. You know I am compelled to speak on this. But first, before we address the content: was he flexing his pecs? as in making his nipples jump? I DID NOT ASK FOR THIS ANTHEM. More later!

  9. TaRessa Stovall: Baby, I'm so sorry. And yes, he was flexing his pecks. In a sweater that's about 10 sizes too small. While doing a rendition of the dance in Omarion's "Touch" video. Tragic. What I don't understand is why the cameraman/woman's laughter didn't shake the crap out of the video camera. This is so many things.

  10. Tarana Burke says:

    Denene Millner, I'll start you out with this, but really, take about 30 mins and get. to. life!!!


  11. Tarana Burke says:

    Not to *yo

  12. Denene: I'm so glad you understand my pain. ARGH! OK gonna report…

  13. I mean REPOST LOL. Or maybe I DO mean report!

  14. OH. MY. GOD. Tarana Burke: Why didn't you warn me?! Wait, what was with the hand over the one eye? And the subtitles in Spanish?! And the percentage breakdowns? I meet your long blank stare and raise you a Dead Fish Eyes. THE HELL?! (I'm laughing so hard I can barely type!)

  15. Tarana Burke says:

    Girl, how about the fact that he has made "Cism" into a WORD!! I live for this man.

  16. Tarana Burke says:

    This is the track listing from Sean Fury's album entitled "Ladies of Color" – you can hear snippets on CDbaby. (Am I obsessed you ask. Just a wee bit.)
    1. Big Girls
    2. Why Should It Matter
    3. Ebony Princess
    4. Snow
    5. Latina
    6. Asian Girl
    7. Indian Arabic Girl
    8. Exotic Girls
    9. Bi-racial
    10. Big Girls (2)

  17. Dear Sweet Baby Jesus: Please let there be a video for Big Girls AND Big Girls (2). Amen.

  18. Anne Roise says:

    This video made me laugh. I thought it was a joke a la SNL pseudo video. What's with his neck? Its not even worth getting upset over this. Let's pick our battles carefully. His mom probaby likes it, or his dog.

  19. Sharifa Abdul-Wahid says:

    LOL Thanks, Anne! Talk about an ear worm!

  20. Lesvia Castro says:

    Money needs a training BRA & a beat down! He's probably the same dude, who feels that the white man's ice is colder…SMH!

  21. Kevin Goins says:

    Is this dude serious???

  22. Chandra Mackall says:

    I don't know if I'm more upset that his pants are ashy, that he stole from michael jackson's "liberian girl" or that this ignance is probably going to be stuck in my head forever…*le sigh*.

  23. Cecilia D. Moulton says:


  24. Cecilia D. Moulton says:


  25. wow..who thinks this crap up????/

  26. Tim Terrell says:

    He also stole the bridge from Stevie Wonder's "That Girl".

  27. Evelyn Alvarez says:

    The Al B. Sure-sequence moves at the beginning made me laugh.

  28. Zoe Atkinson says:

    You are afraid of hate messages when you send out hate? That is lime saying " shit, I spat in the wind, and it blew back in my face". There is an amazing saying, " think/ educate yourself before you speak" or " assume you are ignorant before you make any comments on things you don't understand". Take a look at my picture. I am biracial. I have no doubt the girl in the video is. Also, learn more about the mentally ill. You are perpetuating stigma.

  29. Michael Arceneaux says:

    I am sending out hate over ridiculing a song called "Biracial Girl?" With that lyrical content to boot. Funny. I don't need to see your face to know the varying ways Blacks let alone those biracial can look in appearance. I also don't have any desire to explain satire, humor, things said in jest, or why you probably shouldn't assume someone is mentally ill simply for appearing like a fool on camera as if half-assed, ridiculous songs don't blanket YouTube already. I'll just quote Eeyore: "Oh bother." Thanks for stopping by, though!

  30. 3:16 rapist smirk "yeahhh I'm going to get me some".

  31. Zoe Atkinson says:

    Michael Arceneaux, I was not saying that he is mentally I'll. I said that you are perpetuating the stigma of the mentally I'll. Saying things like " why was he let out of solitary confinement". He is not mentally I'll, but you are sending out a message that is how the mentally ill should be treated: ridiculed and locked up. That is stigmatizing. As well as you assuming that the girl in the video is not biracial. What I was suggesting is that she, in fact, is and you need to broaden your mind as to the appearance of a biracial woman. Some people think black jokes that will shake you to your core are funny. Why is your comment justified over those jokes?

  32. Michael Arceneaux says:

    One, 'solitary confinement' is typically a term referred to the imprisoned. You didn't know what I meant by that joke or the biracial quip, but obviously have no problem with projecting what you thought each meant. That's fine, but it doesn't have to make it so. Two, I don't care about your pedantic call for me to "broaden my mind." Yours is so broad that it can reach into the highest cloud to draw your own overreacting conclusions about jokes you could've essentially broken down to: "That's not funny to me." I don't usually police humor, but have fun being captain of that squad. Like I said, thanks for stopping by all the same. I don't particularly care anymore. Surprised I even bother to engage this much. Bye now.

  33. Zoe Atkinson says:

    So explain to me what you meant by that joke, since you assume I have no idea. And it was you projecting what you thought the

  34. Zoe Atkinson says:

    So please explain to me what it is that you meant by that joke. Since you are under the impression that I don't understand and it was projecting your opinion on the video. I am not allowed to have my view? You studied journalism as did I. You should know that opens you up to criticism and that you have to yes! Police your humour.

  35. Zoe Atkinson says:

    The cideo , the singing, the lyrics… all of it was bad. But somewhere in there I could relate. We talk about the black experience, the white experience, why not the biracial experience? It is not racial confusion when you are a mixture of two races.

  36. Morgan Moe Cain says:

    GTFOH!!!! Bwaahahahahahahahah
    I'm done. I can't.