So Ghetto?

Last week, the Soul Train Awards aired on BET/Centric, and like clockwork, my Twitter timeline was fueled by tweets and retweets about how “bootleg” another “EBT” production appeared. It’s a bit of revisionist history to say the least. Now, I used to love the Soul Train Awards back in the 1990s, too, but don’t let the lack of HD at the time fool you: Whitney Houston and Ronald Isley were not cooing and swaying over a gold plated stage.

In other words, this year’s awards, which were held in Las Vegas, actually looked like they received a boost in production value when compared to past versions of the show.

For the record, I did say on Twitter while watching the show, “I feel like I’m watching a high priced cook out.” But you see, I didn’t say the show looked “cheap” or “ghetto.” I called it an expensive cookout because when I see Charlie Wilson singing Gap Band songs with a freshly painted hairstyle like a ‘cat daddy’ on the prowl, I can’t help but think of BBQ and fried fish. The same can be said for my play uncle in my head, 2 Chainz.

Even so, that just makes me country, though I’ll surely take that tag quicker than I’ll be condescending towards my own.

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