Rejoice All Ye Tamartians

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If you haven’t had the pleasure of viewing Tamar Braxton’s showcase in full, take a gander now before the man snatches it down. It’s already happened once before, so get your life fast. Should you miss it again, you can click here to watch her perform her first single in full. I ripped the audio and added it to my iPod days ago.

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Like a good Tamartian, I bought “Love & War” the second I knew that it was out. As I’ve said repeatedly here, I adore Tamar’s voice and want her to attain the musical success her talent deserves. I won’t lie about initially preferring an uptempo for her first release ala “Hot Sugar,” but I have to admit that it makes far more sense to go this route. “Love & War” is a gorgeous song that highlights Tamar’s abilities and follows the narrative set on the first season of Tamar & Vince. I didn’t like watching them bicker week after week, but it made for a great song.

Now, I do wonder how Keyshia Cole feels about this. “Love & War” is the Mary Kate to “Trust & Believe’s” Ashley Olsen. I’d be a little vexed to know that a producer I worked with wasted no time offering a lookalike version of the track to another singer, especially once who is like the Mariah to my Millie Jackson. Then again, Keyshia’s “Shoulda Let You Go” is a clone of Mary J. Blige’s “Enough Cryin’.”

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Oh well.

Anyway, I’m so happy for Tamar. Regardless if you can’t take all that personality, she sings beautifully. I really, really want her to do well. I’m tired of people going out of their way to say that she’ll enjoy the kind of fame Toni Braxton had in the 1990s. That’s akin to telling someone that the sky is blue, grass is green, and asses look better the rounder they are. We know, bitch.

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No, Tamar Braxton will never sell the number of records her sister did. Minus an anomaly like Adele and not many artists can even conceive of coming close in the digital age. To be fair, as big a fan as I am of Toni, she wouldn’t even be able to attain the kind of success she enjoyed back then. For better or worse (okay: worse), the pendulum has shifted. The sort of big voice, genuine love songs, and you know, R&B moments we had during the peak of Toni’s popularity don’t exist now. Fortunately, there are people trying to bring it back — Baby Sis Braxton among them.

I love that she has so many things going on. It’s a testament to not letting go of your dreams, particularly when you have a sponsor and a connect. And no, that is not a read or shade or any kind of slickness. That is envy, dammit. I’m not mad about Tamar at all. She inspires me. Just yesterday I played “Hot Sugar” in the car and told my oldest niece that I plan to keep popping like that at 35. By the way, after hearing the song in full, it sort of gives “BeyoncĂ©’s older sister wants to bop, too,” no? Heaven I need a video.

Alright, enjoy the showcase and rejoice all ye Tamartians…and keep buying her single.

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