Draya’s “F.A.G.” Is The Fool

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Even though a t-shirt line with the word “ass” in the title launched by a reality star wouldn’t be the first thing I think of when considering what constitutes as “classy,” I’m not knocking Draya Michele’s for wanting to generate new streams of revenue. If I could make a quick buck off the cheap fame a slot on a basic cable show provided, I’d be cashing out, too. So yeah, make your money, Draya. Not mad at all about that.

In fact, I quite enjoy Draya. She gives me Ebony from The Player’s Club, only a version that wasn’t caught up and ruined thanks to Ronnie. Plus, she’s funny and if she weren’t on the show, I probably would only watch clips of Malaysia cursing out her co-stars before flipping right back to LaSusanetta Homemaker on VH1.com.

Not to mention, I feel like if I took a stroll on the rainbow, Draya would be sitting at the other end, sipping lemonade while one of her special female friends gave her a passionate inner thigh massage. Draya’s made no secret that she’s into women, but did y’all hear the way she said, “The boys like us, the girls love us?” Somebody strikes me as a bigger fan of the Karrueche than the cock.

In any event, I like Draya lots and salute her for seeking to capitalize off her popularity from Basketball Wives: LA. Still, after watching the promotional videos for Draya’s t-shirt line via Miss Jia, I’m a bit put off by the acrnoym she uses to plug the project.

There are some gays perfectly line with the word “FAG,” but you’ll never find me a part of that troop. That word hasn’t been remixed the way “nigga” or even “bitch” has. Regardless as to whether or not you agree that either term can ever truly be co-opted by the groups they’re intended to dehumanize and offend, I hope  most can at least reach an accord that there’s not been that kind of attempt with “faggot.”

It’s usage continues to be largely rooted in some negative connotation. With that in mind, I’m not amused by “F.A.G.” being so pronounced in the marketing of Draya’s t-shirt line. I don’t care if she’s an amateur gynecologist, longtime licker, and cookie monster extraordinaire (at least some of the time) in her private life. She’s a woman taking a slur aimed at gay men and selling it as a cute t-shirt to a bunch of straight women.

It’s annoying, no matter what any gay pet of hers nearby may have told her otherwise.

Admittedly, I’m a bit sensitive to this because I’m increasingly noticing how gay Black men have been so influential in pop culture as of late – as in so much of the colloquialism going mainstream – but you wouldn’t know it given most of the people enjoying success off of it don’t have our faces or experiences. Now you have Draya taking an ugly gay male bashing term and pimping it for profit.

Obviously, it’s too late for Draya to stop the presses now. She has shirts to move.  It’s disappointing all the time, though.

The girl may be fine, but she’s playing gay men for a fool.

P.S. Brooke really needs to get over it.

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