See Karlie Redd Serve Dimples With Del Monte

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What in the bootleg Baywatch hell?

Is Karlie Redd still trying to be a singer-rapper? I mean, selling ass isn’t exactly a bad idea for a theme if you’re plotting to peddle music, but this video gives more of a calendar girl tease. Is Karlie trying to diversify her portfolio? Throwing out those cheeks to catch a potential bidder? Trying to show her co-stars that she can become a breakout star ’cause of her booty, too?

I saw her on the cover of an ass magazine at the gas station about a month ago. Her cheeks didn’t look lopsided there, but I wasn’t sure if that was Dr. Adobe working the magic. I suppose if anyone had lingering doubts about the shape of what she sits on, Karlie’s here to give you a grand tour paid for by World Star Hip Hop.

Is K. Michelle going to apologize for saying Karlie’s got one ass that’s mixed with an apple and Oswald Cobblepot? Probably not, but if it’s any consolation, Karlie, the rest of us know now. We even see the dimple.

Don’t get me wrong now. I don’t have anything against Karlie Redd. My inner bird chirps to “Louis, Prada, Gucci” and it doesn’t really matter to me if she’s 69 in Lady and Tramp years as Mad and from Memphis claims. I am confused about her goals, though.

Like, if you’re going to get this big feature on WSHH, shouldn’t the background music be your own creations? I know for a fact she’s been working on music, so why can’t I hear it as the director of this clip does the same three angles over and over again as opposed to “Del Monte Fruit?” I’m not following. Or maybe she got paid for this? I hope so because those shoes looked painful. If you’re not going to plug your own product, you best at least have gotten some Christmas present money.

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