So Many Words

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Been going back and forth over whether or not to write in detail about my year. It was more up and down than I could’ve ever imagined and I remain unsure as to how open I want to be about it. I suppose all that matters this second is that I’m here. Damn, doesn’t that sound very The Color Purple of me to say? Anyway, here’s a recap of some of the things I’ve written this year. No matter what was going on throughout 2012, I kept writing. God, now I sound like I’m about to give you early 1990s Mariah Carey ballad realness.

Stopping now. Just look below. Gon’ now.

On Frank Ocean (via theGrio)

I wasn’t sure if I was going to chime in on Frank Ocean’s revelation given he wasn’t specific as to whether or not his “peculiar friendship” with another man was a one off or a bigger statement about his sexuality. I’m glad I did, though, because I think it’s important that we allow younger people who are actual members of the community to speak on such matters versus those who are not. Allies are fine and continue to be welcomed, but our voices are important. That reminds me, Tracy Garraud’s piece for VIBE is a good read, too.

A Man of Honesty (via

This piece was intended to be a part of’s MANifest series, which was to feature Black men offering varying opinions about our identities. It ended up being a standalone essay, but it was a struggle to write and one of the best things I felt I have written.

Celebrity Roundtable: Beyoncé’s Taking Lunch Money (via The Shadow League)

More satire is coming in the New Year.

Crawl out of Kim Kardashian (via

The sourpusses who have already bitched about Kim Kardashian’s pregnancy reminded me of this piece. Seriously, people need to give her a break, or at the very least, bash her on new shit. Oh, and a beautiful, super smart man complimented me on this part of the piece: “”Since none of us onlookers are her vagina.” Thanks, Kimmy.

Jenny Johnson, Chris Brown & Internet Trolls (via The Shadow League)

Chris Brown is a dick, but that “comedian” is annoying and represents the growing problem with troll culture.

TV’s Black Sitcom Problem (via Salon)

My first for Salon, which took a hot minute.

Is R&B Having An Identity Crisis? (via The Atlantic)

Another first for me, and while I’m glad this did well, I’m happier by year’s end the tide has obviously shifted.

Zoe Saldana as Nina Simone? Not Even Half the Problem (via

This movie will be the fool and I’m betting Zoe will continue to annoy.

Lil’ Kim’s Big Secret (via

A man can dream.

Rick Santorum’s Unholy War (via

I feel like he still masturbates to pictures of JFK Jr.

Abigail Fisher and the Me Generation (via The Root)

Entitlement is increasingly transcending race.

Stop Shaming Rihanna (via

I finished this very early in the morning after driving to a parking lot of a Whole Foods in the Valley. The Whole Foods wi-fi didn’t even work; I had to hijack the free wi-fi that came from the Audi dealership next to the store. The Internet I had bought the night prior went out minutes before I was ready to send and submit to my editor. I was still in the midst of one of the worst periods of my life when I wrote this and I had no idea it was going to go viral hours later. Then an agent whose repped projects I had heard of him reached out to me, saying he read this and a few other pieces and wanted to know if I was interested in writing a book. Oh, but of course I am. Ultimately, despite a very, very polite and encouraging no, I was brought back to Earth. Still, I was reminded that even at my lowest, people are paying attention so keep going. I’m taking that with me into 2013 — and I plan to be hearing more yeses.

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