On Colin Powell Trying To Make Sense To The Dense

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Former Secretary of State and retired four-star general in the United States Army Colin Powell, own his own accord, used his appearance on this past Sunday’s edition of “Meet the Press” to send a message to his political party: End your “dark vein of intolerance” or ultimately face the same fate as Karl Kani jeans in 2013.

Powell offered numerous examples of the racially charged language employed by members of his party, including the use of terms like “lazy” to describe President Barack Obama’s performance in the first presidential debate of 2012 and that “shuck and jive” quip former Alaskan governor and perpetual village idiot Sarah Palin made via Twitter. Not only did he offer specifics, the 75-year-old statesman who at one point had the chance of becoming the nation’s first Black president in 1996, provided a history lesson on why these terms are offensive.

There have been others equally guilty, say ex-Mississippi governor Haley Barbour who in the past spoke highly of White separatist groups, which prompted Powell to declare to “Meet the Press” host David Gregory, “Why do senior Republican leaders tolerate this kind of discussion within the party?”

For a party that loves to refute accusations of happily harboring racist fringes so long as it suits their political interests with “SEE! SEE! We got this Black, and this Black, and that Latino, and oh, that Black with lady parts!” you’d think they would see their most-accomplished member of color plead with them to elevate themselves and learn a lesson.

Unfortunately, thus far, all we’ve gotten from conservatives is the same old crusty two-step.

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