In Memoriam: Oh, Drama

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How many of you remember that BET show that looked as if it was shot in somebody’s southern auntie’s house called Oh Drama?

I remembered the name of the show, but not much else until I watched this video. Then it hit me. Say, oh yeah, “Kym Whitley was loud as hell on this show; Vanessa Bell Calloway was sort of like a real-life Dee from Moesha on here; oh yeah, they were bilingual with the casting.” After that, I wondered just why in the hell did this show air at night?

Or at all, depending on your preference.

I will say that even if they shot the show with a Tuesday two-piece special at Popeye’s and Church’s budget, BET was onto something with their original programming bloc, particularly when it came to the notion of a morning talk show. The same can be said of all that Tyrese-level interpretations of Oprah’s self-help shtick. Nonetheless, my goodness, this show sure gives much public access realness, doesn’t it? Whereas Mo’Nique’s late nite talk show on BET was essentially an on-air fish fry, Oh Drama reminds me of a telethon. You know, a not as good version as the one on A Different World where Kinu gave it to you in her majorette outfit.

That is overall, because in this episode I’m getting The 700 Club with Mary J. Blige talking about getting an impromptu visit from Lucifer. I do miss hearing her speak this candidly, though. Her thoughts on not going bonkers over finally getting the fanfare from white folks at the expense of the fan base that made her was refreshing to hear. She values everyone’s dollar equally, as Capitalist Jesus originally intended.

Don’t let Oprah catch this clip. I reckon if she did see it she’d scoop up all these reruns and air them on OWN following Tyler Perry’s Whatever and Iyanla, Yell At Me About My Life Like My Overbearing Nanna. After all, it’s the Blacks driving ratings growth. Well, until we’re no longer needed and given the WB-CW boot, but I digress.

So, uh, enjoy this? Or try. Or not. Whatever.

Meanwhile, I’m about to go back and watch the Faith Evans interview that made me fall in love with her all over again. Mary is Queen, but this sure was some pauper-ass programming.

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