I Need Answers

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1. Will pop culture ever fill its Valtrex prescription to relieve some of the symptoms stemming from this family?

49ers anti-gay, colin kaepernick

2. How can anyone with Colin Kaepernick as a teammate not understand the source, beauty, and upside of homosexuality?

3. Is Draya Michelle a t-shirt maker or madame?

4. How can one keep calm with so many of these stupid graphics ruining my social media feeds?

5. Can everyone please stop describing their average ass behavior as signs of bipolar disorder?

6. Can we get another gorgeous multi-talented woman of this hue back on the covers of these kind of magazines please (plus varying other shades, naturally)?

7. Are we sure Lionel Richie isn’t Ludacris’ daddy?

8. When is Miguel going to get that mug splattered across a box of perm?

9. Can Rihanna and Chris Brown please stop talking about their codependency?

10. Times may be hard, but couldn’t T-Boz have tapped one of those graphic geniuses who used to populate CyberTLC to do her a solid and give her a real single cover?

11. R. Kelly might not be shit, but those classics still go, don’t they?

12. Will the mainstream press ever stop instantly referring to any famous Black man who makes music as a rapper?

13. Did it ever occur to some of these media folks that perhaps Hillary Clinton is annoyed by all the constant chatter about a presidential race years away?

14. As hilarious as this is, isn’t it still annoying how much this was blew out of proportion by a bunch of lazy, pressed “journalists?”

15. Drake has a new single dropping this month: Ready to get into your feelings?

16. Who knew Robin Thicke was going to end up the best part of The Real Husbands of Hollywood?

17. Should anyone be surprised at how much the NRA has in common with trap rappers?

18. Before Manti Te’o’s “girlfriend” goes away, can someone inform him that you don’t “recover” from homosexuality, you can only try to force suppression?

19. Why do y’all do Michelle Williams so dirty?: http://poormichelle.com/

20. Guess who just found out one his essays became required reading for a course at Harvard?

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