DJ Clueless

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Even though I enjoy this radio show because it’s the closet thing to filling the void left by “The Wendy Williams Experience,” sometimes I wonder why hasn’t someone fixed the Google over at “The Breakfast Club.” Don’t get me wrong, they often manage to have good interviews, but it’s increasingly due to dumb luck given some of the hosts don’t ever bother to do basic research on their guests. Or maybe their interns are too busy updating their Instagram accounts to do it for them. Whatever it is, someone pray to gossip Jesus so that it’s soon fixed. You know, before Nicki Minaj has to curse them all out again.

That said, this interview with Sidney Starr was hard to watch albeit not completely for the aforementioned grievance. I understand that when it comes to transgendered people, there’s a lot of confusion as to what made them think they needed to have a sex change to “live their best lives” and what exactly happened to the genitals of their past. Straight up, I don’t even completely get it, though I’ve seen enough to know that there are ways to handle your curiosity when opportunity presents itself.

DJ Envy gets an F squared for his efforts because instead of actually trying to learn why Sidney Starr felt like she needed to become a woman as that’s how she feels she was meant to be, he judged her using America’s favorite novel, The Bible.

Again, it’s not that I don’t think Jesus isn’t the homie, but I don’t believe Noah literally cramped the goats Billy along with every other species imaginable all on one point for 40 days as God made the water rock its hips, then wave and sip. Likewise, I have a hard time believing Eve and her¬†gullibility with a speaking serpent is the reason why it’s taken Hillary Clinton forever to become president and why many of my readers have horrific mood swings once a month. I mean, where was the¬†stegosaurus with the cutest southern twang ever to stop this all from happening?

However you feel about the Bible and religion overall, though, it’s some really simple ass logic to conclude that no one has the right to alter their gender make up because “God doesn’t make mistakes.”


What about autism? Cancer? Incurable diseases that have stripped people of their lives since the dawn of civilization?

Now that logic is cute in a “I Am Not My Hair” sort of way and would’ve gone a long way in helping Lil’ Kim see that she didn’t need to go and alter herself into Miss Swan and La Toya Jackson’s baby, but as the Queen Bee eloquently once stated, “Nigga, please come off that.”

I don’t care what DJ Envy does with his privates, but I get the feeling he’s probably used them to bust one in homage of some cosmetic surgery enhanced woman in some magazine who got additional ass shots and tit lifts courtesy of Adobe, M.D.

So unless people with this faulty logic aren’t lobbying Congress to stone not just plastic surgeons, but any medical professional that seeks to tame the natural order in any capacity, shut the fuck up.

Again, I necessarily get it either and particularly don’t like when gender issues are meshed in with those pertaining to sexuality. Still, when I don’t understand something, I try to listen…with some level of respect. Such is life when you have common decency.

Oh, and as far as Sidney Starr goes: Girl, you cannot sing, but good luck with that. Whew, you senses seemed off beat throughout this entire interview, too. You didn’t use Chris Brown’s nose spray, did you?

If DJ Envy is so God-loving, I sure hope he prays for you — only not for any reason that relates to his own misgivings about the world and all the things God has allowed to happen within it.

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