It’s Ciara’s Party

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My initial reaction to Ciara’s “Body Party” was the same as it was with the other four songs she released as singles only to snatch them back just as quickly — hoping the pubic would join her in pretending they never happened: “Where’s the hook?”

It continues to baffle me that an artist who quickly became a multi-platinum crossover R&B/pop act due to her singsongy yet ridiculously catchy and sing-a-long friendly tracks refuses to go with what’s always proven to work for her. And it’s not even about being regressive; every hit song needs a hook. How is a pop star going to pop if they don’t get that?

Still, I have to admit by the end of the night I found myself cooing the background vocals to “Body Party.” Salute to Ciara’s boyfriend, Future, who studied The-Dream’s trademark animal noises (or wait, didn’t R. Kelly Pissy start that Tarzan trend?) and smartly duplicated it. Future sounds like a bedroom owl on “Body Party.”

Whooooo, Hwooooo, Whooooo 

Whooooo, Hwooooo, Whooooo 

Whooooo, Hwooooo, Whooooo 

Since we’re talking birds, I wonder if the fact that I’m so drawn to those sounds makes me one? Before you even answer: shut up. No one asked you. The question was a rhetorical so don’t bother reaching for the shade.

So while I didn’t immediately fall in love with the song as others I know (my reaction was more like an eh, it’s cool), this is growing on me. I’ve had it on repeat for an hour before. Part of that lies in the reality that the best way to get through a day of sitting down and writing a whole lot to eat, it helps to do all that while doing a body roll in your seat.

I’m curious to see how this song performs. I can already figure out how the video will go. Ciara will be butt naked once more, proving for the umpteenth time that if this whole singing thing doesn’t work out she could make a killing as the Black Jane Fonda by releasing a workout DVD. If her past several videos are any indication, CiCi will do the absolute most but ironically offer the least bit of creativity.

Or maybe, just maybe she will blow my sarcastic and salty towards her ass away with a stunning visual. I’m hoping for the second scenario. Like, go hire Tina Landon again, give us something subtle albeit ridiculously seductive. Give people a reason to give a damn.

Meanwhile, since Ciara refuses to call back Jazze Phae, maybe Mike Will Made It and Future will helm the bulk of this project. This song doesn’t blow you away, but at least it doesn’t blow as hard as a sexually conflicted geriatric GOP senator on a young, eager Senate aid. Or whatever that bullshit techo shit she wasted a 2 Chainz feature on.

Believe it or not, I’m holding onto hope, but girl, ye ain’t got too much longer. There’s got to be some 18-year-old girl who just discovered the Control album. Time goes by fast so it won’t be too long before she discoveres janet. and The Velvet Rope and say to  herself, “Oh, this spot is mine.”

You best figure it out already, Ciara.

P.S. Some people have been impressed by this, others want to already hand Ciara the “You Tried It” award for the month of March. However you feel on the matter, I hope we can all agree that Rihanna’s homie, lover, friend, Melissa needs to find a nice sandy beach to sit on for going out of her way to insult the girl online.

Look, maybe Ciara did started the whole Rihanna and Ciara “feud,” but didn’t that end like two years ago? Give it up, turn it loose, and pray for your girl on this tour. Seriously, on what planet does anyone who love Rihanna – self-included – have the gall to insult anyone else trying to sing live?

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