But, I Want That Hot Sugar, Sugar

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So Tamar Braxton finally put some beans in that oven, and while I’m happy for her womb, as soon as I read the news I started mourning her sophomore album. Children are great if you’re into that kind of thing, but yo, what does this mean for that hot sugar, sugar? Tay-Tay singing to Epic already prolongs the release of her new project, but between breastfeeding and diaper changing, who knows how long it’ll take now?

I realize harboring these sentiments places me right in the top five of the universe’s ain’t shit list, but you know, if the almighty Beyoncé can still struggle promoting an album during pregnancy, what chance does a mere mortal have? I’m not just selfish, I’m concerned. That makes it somewhat less trifling, right? No, well, I’m entitled to my feelings. I’ll ultimately get over it. Not before I hit publish on this post, though. So, yeah, let’s keep this going.

I mean, I wouldn’t have a problem with Tamar Braxton shooting a video for “Hot Sugar” with a baby bump. I’ve learned over time to stop judging pregnant women in the club. It’s like, so long as they’re not taking shots, shots, shots, shots with everybody, or giving her fetus blunt breath, have at it…in your private section preferably.

I just wanted Tamar to finally enjoy the kind of musical success worthy of her talent. I’ve waited more than a decade for a second album. I suppose another year will be fine. Eh, probably not, but I’ll still buy it, girl. You know I love that voice.

That said, salute to Tamar for announcing her pregnancy by saying “I have a love on top.” #Beyhive ’til she die. And now baby makes two.

Oh and Toni: You can drop the bit about retirement and call Babyface now. If I have to wait until Tamar is done with postpartum (I’m going to hell), you’ve got to carry the weight of the Braxton family’s musical legacy. Yes, again. Sorry, Trina can sing, but not enough are here for acting like Ke$ha’s Black nanny trying to get her groove back as “Black Britney.”

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