I Need Answers

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1. Between the media coverage about her lip syncing and now her cursing, do you think Beyoncé is somewhere wondering, “Where in the fuck have these clueless bitches been and are they that bored?”

2. Did Justin Timberlake put a box of Just For Me in his head?

3. How did two hair stylists end up hosting a show that is to Fashion Police what Mr. Cola is to Coca Cola?

4. Why is Eric Benet doing songs with 2 Chainz?

5. Do we need trailers for free shit, though?

6. Can we end lyric videos while we’re at it?

7. Were each of the following too busy to participate in the “Pour It Up” remix: Nicki Minaj, Azealia Banks, Brianna Perry, Nyemiah Supreme, Iggy Azalea, Missy Elliott & Sharaya J?

8. Was the treatment of this video basically let Robin Thicke and Pharrell stand around as T.I. dances like he’s ready to say at any second, “I’m coming home, Elizabeth?”

9. What time is Lil’ Wayne’s intervention?

10. Isn’t Jay-Z doing a remarkable job of attaching himself to the hottest folks out to maintain his own cultural relevancy?

11. What’s good on that new album, Janelle Monáe?

12. Is Jada Pinkett Smith using these faux deep Facebook postings to secure a book deal or something?

13. Yo, want to do me a favor and tell your folks on that social media wisdom kick to shut the fuck up?

14. With word that she’s worked with Pharrell, Mike Will Made It, plus Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis, will we finally get an all around great album from Kelly Rowland?

15. Why are people still doing those Harlem Fake videos?

16. How can I get La Toya Jackson’s giggle to be my text message alert?

17. Will someone explain to Keyshia Cole that she is way too Ralph Tresvant to tweet like Yung Rupunxel?

18. Does anyone else worry that if they keep watching the new season of Braxton Family Values they’re going to end up having a heart attack due to the sisters’ saltiness over Tamar Braxton’s success?

19. See what you’ve started, Mary Mary?

20. Girl, what?

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