Destiny’s Detour

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Have you ever wondered, “Whatever happened to Farrah Franklin?” I haven’t, but in case you were curious here you go. She continues to release songs, presumably clinging on to hope that she can forge a lane for herself. Bless her heart. She’s like the little engine that could but shouldn’t. At least not without the assistance of a vocal coach.

I stumbled along this while listening to old episodes of “The Wendy Williams Experience” on YouTube. As I was going through their list of uploads, I found an old interview between Wendy and the five minute member of Destiny’s Child. At one point in their exchange Wendy asked Farrah to sing something on the spot. Farrah obliged by singing some random song from the group’s debut album. It was not very good, but Wendy told her that if she got herself some Pro Tools she might have a prayer.

In hindsight, maybe Wendy should’ve encouraged Farrah to jump on that reality TV bandwagon before it got crowded. I just don’t see the singing thing happening for her.

Exhibit B, another recent upload from Farrah. Had she immediately dropped something around the time of her firing/dismissal/banishment, maybe she could’ve turned out to be an Adina Howard meets Lumidee type artist with three hood hits that would make sure she could always count on being booked for aspot at Black Gay Prides across this land. The moment has passed.

I kind of feel bad for Farrah. After all, Beyoncé is Beyoncé, Kelly Rowland is out here cleaning her laundry, Michelle Williams stays earning those theater checks, and LeToya Luckett has been getting steady acting gigs. Hell, even LaTavia Roberson is working on her reality show, which I hope will pave the way for other opportunities.

Yet, poor Farrah. The last I heard of her before randomly finding this upload was that she was getting arrested for disorderly conduct. Now she can’t get an Unsung or a Life After let alone a slot on a show like R&B Divas. Is it too late for her to play a stuck up light skinned woman who needs Jesus and a trash man to save her from herself in one of those Tyler Perry plays, TV shows or movies? Wait. He works with the big name out of work Black actresses now, but she ought to be good for something on the theater circuit.

Listen, I know a lot of this sounds shady, but I’m legitimately hoping this woman finds herself a way. We all have our struggles, but if Ashanti is out here having a hard time breaking through again with her string of hits and three ounces of octaves, need I say more about Farrah’s chances?

Farrah, get yourself on a VH1 show, work your magic and earn yourself some steady income by way of club appearances. If you want to throw in a vanity single on iTunes here and there, good luck with that, but get yourself on television. Or hell, try your hand at Redbox movies. Something. Good luck.

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