Thank You For Finally Using Prerecorded Tracks

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Bless Kelly Rowland for embracing the value of a prerecorded vocal. While I find her decision to usually sing live admirable in theory, Kelly has shown it’s very hard for her to move and keep her voice steady simultaneously. That’s okay, girl. My lanky ass tends to do the shoulder lean sometimes with my entire body while walking. We should acknowledge both our strengths and our weakness — and know when to twirk through the latter.

It took her what feels like forever, but betcha golly wow, Kelly’s got it. I missed Kelly’s performance in NYC last week and I’m kinda kicking myself for it. Look at the way she moves during her hit it and quit it performance of “Ice!” I love it when she dances and I wish she’d worked more at incorporating choreography into her act. Thing is, she’s more of a natural dancer than Beyoncé, but Beyoncé worked harder to get better at it. Kelly’s still got more of a natural groove, though, so here’s hoping Kelly continues to step it up.

That is to say, what she didn’t do in her “Kisses Down Low” video. Again, I get why she did the cutesy bit to offset the sexual nature of the song. However, if you’re going to go there, go all the way there. Like, Kelly, you are officially Destiny’s Freak so earn your keep, ya hear?

I don’t think it’s said enough, but Ciara isn’t the only person pulling inspiration from Janet Jackson. Kelly Rowland has been quietly doing it here and there for a while now (see her “Motivation” performance at the 2011 BET Awards). I actually believe Kelly adapts the lessons from Mother Damita Jo better than Ciara Kardashian does.

Kelly’s got when to be subtle down pact. She only needs to better balance that with knowing when to give your thigh muscles a workout on stage. We gon’ make it, though, Kizzy. We gon’ make it.

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While I’m on Kelly, I forgot to give this performance of “Where Have You Been?” its due. As much as I love this song, I was so fearful that Kelly and The-Dream would sound like a raccoon grasping for its last breath after being hit by a pick up truck when performing it live. Thankfully, this turned out as good as it could have. All because of Kelly Rowland. We are growing, people. Yes, we are.

I am loving Kelendria more and more. Right now Kelly Rowland is the slim community’s greatest role model. How can you not be proud of her growth?

Now, I wouldn’t necessarily call myself a “Rowland Stone” — her name for her core group of fans. Mostly because that shit sounds ridiculous and I refuse, but I’m going to buy her new album and I’m looking forward to it. That’s close enough, yes?

Gon’ Kelly, keep doing your thing…again, with a prerecorded vocal when dancing calls.

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