More Mario Please

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Before I continue this, let me start off by saying that I wrote out this entire entry only to find that WordPress didn’t save it and forced me to sign in again — losing everything in the process. So, fuck you, WordPress, for wasting my damn time. But, because I really, really, like Mario’s new single, I’m going to try this one mo’ gin. That is, after I say this once more: Fuck your life, WordPress. In fact, may your life be fucked, drop dead, resurrect and be fucked again. However, don’t fuck me by just “accidentally” deleting my blog in retaliation. That wouldn’t be cool, yo.

Okay, now that I’ve gotten that out of the way, let’s move on.

The last time I wrote about Mario, it was about his single, “Killa,” which kicked off with the line, “Cum stains on the couch.” If desperation and fears of an Unsung special airing way too soon could sing, “Killa” would’ve served as its swan song. Thankfully, someone has pulled Mario to the side and shook his table. “Somebody Else” is one of the better R&B singles released this year, which says a lot given that we’ve had an abundant amount of them for the first time in what feels like forever. Plus, now that EDM is finally starting to slowly bleed to death and R&B is starting to enjoy a resurgence, it’s nice to see Mario get another shot at lasting stardom.

Watching his interview with “The Breakfast Club” reminded me of how little I remembered about him. I recalled some of his bigger hits — “Just A Friend” and  “Let Me Love You” — but not the modest ones ala “Break Up.” I do remember Mario’s Go album as it was superb. Not many damns were allotted to the project to at the time, which effectively sent him walking towards the R&B section of the Land of the Lost — populated with folks like Kenny Lattimore and J. Boog.

I also didn’t remember anything about his mother’s substance abuse problems being chronicled on national television. Same goes for him being a bit of a boppa for a second with that white girl that used to hang with Amber Rose. I had to Google what a “Dez” was. Now that I’ve been reminded, I’d rather Mario not do any of that again. Some people need to have the ass of a white girl in their lap to secure media attention to compensate for their talent. Mario isn’t, or at the very least, doesn’t need to be one of those.

For a second, I did think to use this space to volunteer my services to help him be perceived as Frank Ocean on key, but yeah, none of that should matter. Same for whoever pawned what to smoke whatever.

Mario can sing well, which is more than I can say for many of his peers. One thing I’ve always appreciated about Mario was how he sang so superbly so effortlessly. Sure beats the sounds of many of the others. Insert the names of goat, yodeler, constipation singer, and talk-singer here.

Hopefully this single performs well and the album is top notch and gives him buzz that goes beyond just one hot single. He deserves it.

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