I Need Answers

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1. Most of us are going to end up hating “Blurred Lines” to its core by the end of summer, huh?

2. Now that Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta is off the air, what is the point of Mondays anymore?

3. How can anyone not love Amber Rose?

4. Who is trying to sneak Kat Stacks back onto Pop Culture Island?

5. Can you tell how dedicated Toni Braxton is to living up to her status as the Shug Avery of R&B?

6. Why does Kelly Price want us to hate her so much?

7. Based on this trailer, doesn’t The New Atlanta look like every other Atlanta-based reality show?

8. How many times do you think Uncle Ruckus came to Don Lemon’s recent Black-bashing CNN segments?

9. Christopher Maurice Brown can dance his cute albeit crotchety ass off, but why does he insist on making corny ass videos?

10. Is it accurate to describe Miley Cyrus as the millennial White Mike?

11. Now that it’s been confirmed that the Raz B coma story was a hoax, can he proceed to fall into the abyss again?

12. What in the hell is this supposed to mean?

13. Can the entire team behind True Blood promise to never produce another awful season like the one that just wrapped?

14. Anyone else suddenly interested in rediscovering John Legend?

15. Will someone put Millie Jackson and K. Michelle in the same room together?

16. How much longer are New York-based rappers going to act like Kendrick Lamar stole their lunch money?

17. Why is Myx Fusions Nicki Minaj Moscato so damn good?

18. Is Lady Gaga ever going to stop singing about all things celebrity?

19. Is Janelle Monáe about to score her first big radio hit?

20. Love the haircut, but Beyoncé, where’s the single?

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