Negative People Who Don’t Like Negativity Are Hilarious

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After a certain point, when do you say to yourself, “It’s my fault everyone thinks my ass is a fire-breathing dragon, ready to pounce at the slightest bit of discomfort?” Those hoping Tami Roman would finally take self-awareness, squeeze it tightly in a loving embrace were disappointed that last night’s edition of Basketball Wives did not provide what feels like a moment 20 years in the making.

We were last left with the women enjoying dinner, champagne and beer at new housewife Tasha’s place. Tami was uncomfortable, Suzie was nosy, and both Evelyn and Shaunie were hoping the other two didn’t embarrass them. They didn’t – at least not completely – though Tami was none too pleased with the idea that she posed such a risk. This episode expanded on that thought, plus Suzie needing to get her life together along with Evelyn continuing to try to move forward with hers. And then there’s Shaunie, who opened up a little bit about her personal life – not to mention showing how good of a shade samurai she can be. After you finish this recap, join me in prayer for Tami’s nerves. It gets better, girl, the second you really try to make it so. — Michael Arceneaux (@youngsinick)

2. Shocker: Tami Is Mad
Tami is a rude, mean-spirited bully who acts as if the world revolves around her. And yet, she hates “negativity.” Woman, many of us have grown up with you on TV. Your reputation has preceded you since The Real World: Los Angeles and you’ve done next to nothing to sway people. That’s a fun fact Shaunie O’Neal passed along to Tami after Tami met up with her to air out her grievances over Shaunie and Evelyn telling Tasha that a meeting with Tami could go either away. I mean, if that’s the truth and Tami’s all about being real, what’s the issue here?

Oh yeah, Tami is tired of “negativity” being associated with her character. But even if Shaunie and Evelyn didn’t warn Tasha, I imagine she’s seen the show. The reality is no matter how much you think you’ve changed, your past may always precede you. Get over it. If you’re really about improving your image with people, you behave accordingly. What you don’t do is go into a situation expecting the worse, which is exactly what Tami did before going to Tasha’s home for dinner. Likewise, you don’t have a nice meeting with a person and then focus on the “negative” i.e. Shaunie simply telling the truth based on the only behavior she’s been able to go by.

On another Tami front, we did speak with her cousin about her mother’s terminal illness. She cried over fears that her mom may likely die from liver cancer and not be proud of her. One can understand such a frustration, but Tami ought to be quite proud of what she’s done with her life. Things might not have gone exactly the way she planned, but when you think about it, she is a pioneer in television. Moreover, she’s persevered and has made more out of a second chance at stardom than most in similar positions.

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