Hire Wendy Williams For Every Reunion Special Please

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show1 deleted scene 2 from TV One, LLC on Vimeo.

Last night, TV One offered what is arguably its most entertaining hour of television ever and one of the best reunion episodes in reality TV history. Though R&B Divas: LA had already proven itself to be a step ahead of the original franchise in just a scant amount of episodes, the star of last night’s telecast isn’t even a part of the show. Yes, slow handclap to reunion host Wendy Williams, who harkened back to her days as the fiery personality behind the infamous and highly missed radio show, “The Wendy Williams Experience.” Wendy pulled back the veil she uses to schmooze the suburban moms who make up a sizable portion of her daytime audience and kept it good and funky with Kelly Price, Lil’ Mo, Chanté Moore, Claudette Ortiz, and Miche’le.

There was one cast member notably missing: The one who quit En Vogue, Lucy Pearl, and En Vogue again. Yeah, she quit the reunion show, too. Dawn Robinson couldn’t be bothered to attend the taping, using Twitter instead to articulate her frustrations. If I wasn’t already a big fan of Terry Ellis and Cindy Herron, I became one last night. No matter, though, because the show was fantastic with or without Dawn’s whisper. Catch that shade, sis, and y’all, get into this recap of the best thing ever (no hyperbole).–Michael Arceneaux (@youngsinick)

Wendy’s Got The Heat

Last night’s show wasn’t so much a reunion as it was an hour themed around the premise, “Let’s pretend it’s 2003 and we booked the cast of R&B Divas: LA to talk to Wendy Williams at WBLS.” Enter Wendy wasting no time getting elaborate on each of the women and their back stories. She asked Kelly to spill the tea on Dawn’s absence, only all Kelly had to say was she had heard Dawn didn’t plan to show up and hoped she’d change her mind at the last minute. Speaking as a fan, Wendy said she’s disappointed that Dawn didn’t show up and called on producers to hold cast members’ last two checks to make certain that every party is on stage to finish their job. Then Wendy laid into Dawn, saying, “I thought Dawn was fierce, she’s not fierce. She’s cowardly.” Wendy also called her “weak” and a “follower.” Dawn barked back on Twitter – bringing up Wendy’s past cocaine use. Well, Dawn, not that it’s the same thing, but hell, Wendy has owned up to her problems with coke. Do you stand tall and address what all is said about you?

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